Shasta QA: Holistic Approach for Bug Tracking

Don O'Connell, Founder
As strong focus on providing an excellent customer experience helps organizations attract and retain customers, across a broad range of markets. But as consumer demand increases, developers tend to make trade-offs between features, functionality, reliability, and affordability. With the urgency to rapidly launch new products, Quality Assurance (QA) teams and software developers often lack cross-functional communication and visibility of test coverage, leading to numerous post-release quality issues. QA is under increasing pressure to ensure customer satisfaction, increase software quality, and detect defects to avoid any bottom line repercussions.

“Teamwork occurs when several elements such as vision, leadership, shared values and business norms, and mutual respect combine to achieve a common objective,” says Don O'Connell, Founder, Shasta QA. To foster a culture of collaborative innovation, Shasta QA, a software testing company, removes the barriers between internal and external resources, allowing software developers and QA engineers to work in unison toward delivering bug free software. With an affordable outsourcing QA testing service to help software developers deliver a quality product, Shasta QA offers OurSourcing—a structured service based on the company’s core competency of software testing methodologies. “OurSourcing is where outsourcing becomes true teamwork,” comments Connell.

Shasta QA’s OurSourcing is a collective commitment that transcends simple bug hunting and makes significant contributions to drive the project toward completion more rapidly. To identify the root causes of software quality issues, Shasta QA lays the framework for a robust working relationship, assisted by an experienced team, and creates a detailed quality improvement plan while staying within the timeline and budget.

OurSourcing is where outsourcing becomes true teamwork

As a well-defined roadmap is crucial for quality assurance processes, Shasta QA works closely with enterprises to plan the project and determine the right progression of test strategy at any stage of software development. These planning and scheduling efforts help software developers meet the release date with an above par software quality.

Starting off with the planning phase, projects are closely monitored to ensure adequate test coverage to lower post-release quality issues. As part of improving and mastering overall project processes, Shasta QA establishes project bug models to track and report project status and strengthen the bottom line. Gaining project knowledge not only involves QA process improvement, but also removes risk from the entire development process, thereby enhancing product quality. Shasta QA has also expanded its in-house automation tools to simplify and reduce hours of redundant manual testing, in order to achieve an optimal balance of costs. Providing a full spectrum of black-box and white-box strategies for software, website, mobile device testing, and technical documentation, Shasta QA makes valuable contributions for its clients to deliver bug-free software in the medical, financial, and education sectors.

As the software development landscape evolves, testing processes must also adapt to quality assurance needs and user requirements. Over the last few years, Shasta QA’s talented team of problem solvers has made major inroads in QA by delivering game changing results. Moving forward, the company will continue to strengthen its role in developing high quality products with proven methodologies and testing services.

Shasta QA

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Don O'Connell, Founder

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