Shopic: Fueling the Internet of Shopping (IoS)

Dan Bendler, CEO & Co-founder
“Retailers in the U.S. lose billions of dollars due to a drop in customers as they see long queues for payment,” asserts Dan Bendler, Co-Founder and CEO, Shopic. He believes a major concern for retailers is the long lines for checking out resulting in consumers abandoning purchases and walking out. This is when Bendler felt the need to bring about changes in the retail landscape to eliminate potential losses and gave life to the idea of bringing online shopping experience to the offline world through Shopic. By bringing ease of self-checkouts at the fingertips of consumers, Shopic, through its app aims to significantly boost store traffic for retailers.

The company’s app allows retailers to give different promotions for their stores according to the location and user needs. The app seamlessly integrates with retailer’s existing systems such as PoS, inventory, promotions, and other Business Intelligence (BI) systems in order to keep the app updated. Shopic enables retailers of physical stores to keep a track of their customers, once they use the app, to get details about their shopping activities across various stores. “Consumers simply need to download the app, scan the products they wish to buy and checkout from the device without waiting in the queue,” elucidates Bendler. In addition, it provides them the option to remain anonymous and shop without registering while enabling retailers with device identification to get the needful insights.

For retailers who already have their own app, the company offers Shopic SDK that can be integrated to their native app. “By doing so, retailers can allow their customers to shop through their own app with the advantage of Shopic,” explains Bendler. Available for both iOS and Android platforms, Shopic’s SDK gives retailers the ability to choose the features they wish to add to their existing apps. “We offer customization ability to retailers giving them the complete control over their app while incorporating features from Shopic.” Moreover, the app monitors every transaction taking place and notifies the retailer if a user tries to use a number of different credit cards.

Consumers simply need to download the app, scan the products and checkout from the device without waiting in the queue

“To complete a transaction in Shopic the user has to scan a secure code located in the store, which helps us authenticate the shopper and his exact location within the store and if there is any fraud attempt we alert the store in real time,” he adds.

Shopic has given a new dimension to ‘checking out’ part of shopping experience for both retailers as well as consumers. Unlike the self-checkout machines that were not only cost prohibitive but also required a lot of space, the firm’s app has proved to be a game changer in the retail sector. Adding to this, Shopic’s ability to easily integrate with existing systems in the most secure way adds a silver lining to the company’s stature. In an instance, one of Shopic’s DIY retail chain customer was concerned about the integration of their shopping app and required to attract new users to learn about their service. Shopic not only helped them with integration but also helped them calculate promotions over mobile apps as well as e-commerce website. Further, they created a campaign giving first time users a discount of $10 for a purchase over $70. This saw a rapid increase in the user adoption rates with a very low acquisition cost of a new user.

“We believe a good solution should cater to the needs of many verticals so, we want to keep improving our solution to fit each vertical specific to retail,” affirms Bendler. Moreover, the company aims to give a new sales channel to retailers by making its app work for users at various locations.


Tel-Aviv, Israel and Wilmington, DE

Dan Bendler, CEO & Co-founder

Provides a self-checkout shopping app to bring the ease of e-commerce to physical stores