ShowMgr: Innovative Content Production Software

Kevin M Rosen, CEO
The Media and Entertainment industry continues to transform itself as evolving technologies reshape both the business and the marketplace at an ever-increasing rate. However, to thrive in today’s environment, media companies must drive both innovation and efficiency, embracing new approaches to content development, distribution, operations, technology, and monetization. Efficient workflows and systems are critical in coping successfully with growing scales of production and in addressing several key imperatives— maintaining compliance, budgeting, scheduling, managing assets and crew amongst others. While conditions keep changing in the media industry each year, organizations need the right production software that manages their business effectively. “The software must be as fluid as the media industry, and we ensure that ShowMgr gives you the necessary tools that adapt to the changing industry,” states Kevin M Rosen, CEO, ShowMgr.

Headquartered in Ladera Ranch, CA, ShowMgr offers an extensive portfolio of production solutions that deliver superior customer experience. The firm provides an enterprise resource planning (ERP) software platform that is fully web based and easily accessible through a browser— users can use an internet connected device to access information from anywhere and at any given time. “Our tried and tested cloud-based solution fully automates and connects your financial and scheduling worlds to provide your associates and crew with up to the minute bid, budget, resource, and asset data,” says Rosen. Besides, the ERP software is a centralized platform for efficient collaboration which allows the customer’s staff, vendors, crew members and partners to access the information in a single plane. “We eliminate the need to implement, learn, and upgrade multiple solutions, therefore bringing more valuable time and productivity into your employees’ busy schedules,” affirms Rosen.

In addition, ShowMgr’s complete ERP software platform provides industry-specific functions, embedded real-time insight, leading-edge innovation, end-to-end integration with all major accounting packages like MS Dynamics or QuickBooks and secure enterprise-grade infrastructure, in the cloud as well as within a data center. With only an internet browser, the firm’s platform enables visibility and accountability to operations, finance, dashboards, notifications and alerts, scheduling, and work order management.

We eliminate the need to implement, learn and upgrade multiple solutions, therefore putting more valuable time and productivity into your employees’ busy schedules

“We also provide deep level of security and compliance, as well as transparency across the customers’ very broad content creation process. It’s a massive process and we are helping companies become compliant with numerous security and data management rules,” assures Rosen.

Being a key player in the media and entertainment arena and delivering an easy-to-use intuitive ERP platform, ShowMgr has helped organizations attain business efficiency and stay ahead in today’s competitive marketplace. For instance, Sony Pictures Entertainment wanted to consolidate the bids to a prospective customer instead of delivering separate bids from all different offerings around their company. However, after implementing ShowMgr’s solution the client was able to aggregate and consolidate several bids to their customer in a single financial report. ShowMgr also offered scheduling in a unified manner where each department could individually insert their schedule, propose schedules and financials. In the end, Sony was able to determine profitability by department as well as the overall profitability to the customer. Resultantly, Sony could manage their business more effectively as the process was done through a single channel.

Going forward, ShowMgr is focused on enhancing the capabilities of its platform to help businesses make educated decisions. The firm is adding new features to its collaboration community tool, BUZZ, with content review and approval functions and is planning to enhance its labor compliance tool to provide current labor calculations that give real time payroll feedback. “We will offer solutions that will empower customers to enhance productivity, control costs, maximize resources, and save time,” concludes Rosen.


Ladera Ranch, CA

Kevin M Rosen, CEO

A provider of web-based enterprise resource (ERP) management tools designed to automate and streamline production operations for the entertainment markets