Shree Partners: Reviving the Travel and Healthcare Sectors

Rajiv Dahiya, CEO
A global provider of corporate travel solutions was having challenges in time to market of their new analytics platform; this scenario was effectively tackled and managed by Shree Partners technology consulting team. They provided in depth reviews of technology strategy, architecture and an implementation approach that would benefit their customers in seeing a perception into a reality.

A premier healthcare provider was not willing to compromise on their EBOLA preparedness and their readiness to address patients immediately and effectively. Shree Partners took a Hazmet team approach and deployed a 24x7 team within hours and refitted the systems very quickly surpassing the customer’s expectations.

These are few among the many success stories for Shree partners, whose vision is to enable high-level cost-cutting through innovative business solutions.

Led by Rajiv Dahiya, CEO, Shree Partners mainly explores the travel and healthcare sectors. “We employ an industry-specific approach by tackling the pain points. For instance, the travel industry somehow appears to be slow to modernize and Shree Partners is actively trying to help deal with the situation, as we continue to deeply and very effectively adapt and reset the systems. Our firm is specialized in following the landscape, and are prepared for even difficult challenges,” explains Rajiv.

Additionally, it has been their constant search for the right talent and excellence in providing hi-end technology that has provided them with the exceptional success.

Since inception, the firm continues to work on IT-enabled business solutions along with wide-ranging services such as Industry Solutions, KPO Solutions, Application Services, Independent Testing, Software Products, and Infrastructure Management Services.
Unearthing the Potential

Having achieved great success in healthcare and travel industry, Shree partners is all set to expand their expertise into other industries including Banking, Finance and Retail. The opportunities that exist in these sectors are huge, and the current scenario is more or less similar to the Travel industry. For example, the prevalence of legacy systems (like portfolio systems for example) equally affects both the travel and finance sectors.

The strategy that Shree Partners implemented in the travel industry was to provide superb response time for IT support to an industry where end customers can’t wait to have their requests attended to.

Shree Partners took a Hazmet team approach and deployed a 24x7 team within hours and refitted the systems very quickly surpassing the customer’s expectations

The boom in online retailing in India also has been of interest to Shree Partners, who is planning to focus more on that aspect. The company has already commenced working on online retail, customized online e-commerce platforms and consultation services.

The firm has the objective of being featured as the top brand in the travel as well as healthcare industries. Shree partners has already proven their expertise in adapting to quick market changes, be it implementation of new rules, introducing flexibility and capability to customers, which they are planning to continue.

Shree Partners

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Rajiv Dahiya, CEO

Provides innovative, technology-based business solutions involving software design, development, implementation and support, to national and global corporations and organizations