SHYFT Analytics, Inc.: Cloud Analytics to Power Today’s Life Science Enterprise

Brian Irwin, VP of Business Stategy
As both leading and emerging Life Science companies will attest, complexities attributable to legacy Data Management and Analytics solutions are still prevalent among today’s enterprises. Access to data, speed to insight, overburdened internal IT professionals and analysts, hardware and software challenges…the legacy approach is falling out of favor. Instead, companies are reimagining historical approaches to Data Management and Analytics by choosing new and innovative technology platforms tuned to address these challenges and provide enterprise-wide insight. “Democratizing the various market, prescription, and outcomes-level data sources is critical for today’s life science leaders. Our platform provides these companies with the agility, flexibility, and speed that is required to create a data-driven competitive advantage in today’s market,” offered Brian Irwin, VP of Business Strategy, SHYFT Analytics. The Massachusetts based firm, SHYFT Analytics, Inc., focuses exclusively on helping companies across Life Sciences overcome today’s challenges with their end-to-end, cloud data management and analytics platform.

The SHYFT platform integrates their customers’ network of commercial and clinical data with an unprecedented level of ease and accuracy. Driven by its unique library of pre-built adaptors, frameworks, business rules, and APIs for hundreds of industry-wide sources, SHYFT eliminates the complexity, excessive cost, and risks associated with historical approaches. The platform removes the silos of data stored across the enterprise, reduces the reliance on traditional business intelligence software, and automates the delivery of personalized insights and analytics for commercial and clinical teams.

SHYFT’s most recently launched product, SHYFT RWE, aggregates and connects a number of EMR, clinical, and claims data sources to interpret the outcomes of ongoing research activities. “For Research, Epidemiological, and outcomes-focused professionals, SHYFT RWE easily accelerates the process of observational study design and delivers multi-dimensional, statistically focused analysis. Studies like these traditionally take several weeks to gather and connect data sources, define study cohorts and protocols, and execute the eventual analysis.

In the realm of the pharmaceutical industry, we understand the level of data complexity and believe in solving our customers’ problems in rapid fashion

What once took weeks and months can now be done in a matter of hours and days, reducing cycle times across research, development, and commercialization activities tied to these data,” adds Irwin.

Many life sciences companies have realized impressive results through SHYFT’s products in the form of increased competiveness, customer engagement, and revenue potential. For instance, a top 10 global pharmaceutical company was ready to launch an innovative therapy into the infectious disease market. Their sales department needed data to assist them in placing their products appropriately across distribution channels. They also required a data and analytics platform to integrate the various data sources while providing insights into the drug’s performance. Through SHYFT Specialty, another product driven off the core analytics platform, the customer was empowered with the needed expertise, decision support, and IT independence that helped them to a very successful launch.

“Our platform and products address the fundamental data and analytics challenges that so many organizations are facing today–removing the silos of data that exist across lines of business, increasing accessibility to these sources, and quickly delivering analytics and insights that move the needle on company performance,” adds Irwin. “Everything we do is cloud-powered, a critically important differentiator from legacy approaches.”

SHYFT Analytics, Inc.

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Brian Irwin, VP of Business Stategy

Delivers cloud data management and mobile analytics for the global life sciences industry

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