SicoloS Technologies: Strategically Implemented RPA to Drive Enterprise-Wide Automation

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Marcio Cossari, CEO
Many organizations in Latin American countries lack integration and automation of repetitive tasks in their business processes, for which they seek solutions with timely accuracy and faster ROI. A structurally implemented Robotic Process Automation system (RPA) can be their greatest ally in automating their organizational activities.

SicoloS can help in this regard.

SicoloS is a dedicated hyper-automation provider that implements a well-structured RPA to meet all organizational challenges. It studies and chooses strategic partners in the global market for every industry solution. This enables the company to offer suitable solutions for the results, seniority, and performance of clients of all segments and sizes.

“SicoloS was born with the innovative purpose of solving corporate problems through the use of the most suitable technologies, promoting the best digital and intelligent workforce,” says Marcio Cossari, CEO of SicoloS.

The firm excels in implementing robotic process automation (RPA), intelligent process automation (IPA), intelligent document processing (IDP), business process management (BPM), and chatbot/ communication channels. The firm has innovatively enhanced its portfolio by adding methodologies, products, and software that provide high-quality services to clients to overcome the challenges of ever-increasing demands.

SicoloS’ distinctive edges go beyond those related to technology, as the firm strives to integrate people, processes, and technology to improve its solutions. Its team of specialists is oriented to understanding the client’s needs in a comprehensive and detailed manner, including alignment with the strategy, for example, cost, efficiency scalability, agility, and robustness. Everything contributes to a scenario that determines a directional quadrant for the ideal solution, which is why SicoloS always accurately interviews all project variables to design and propose solutions.
SicoloS’ team of experts directly engages with the client. The collaborative matrix allows the team to understand that the simplest and most common services always have some peculiarity and some level of parameterization, specificity, or detail for each organization or department. All the solutions are oriented to the characteristic scenario of the company and people.

SicoloS has the know-how that offers support to clients by generating a script of precise questionnaires to understand the client’s challenges. The responses to this questionnaire give a good understanding and knowledge to propose the best solution.

The solution is designed in a way that meets the outline or definitive expectations of the client. In addition to the customized solution, it offers assistance with other variables like costs, deadlines, performance, software, and infrastructure.

SicoloS was born with the innovative purpose of solving corporate problems through the use of the most suitable technologies, promoting the best digital workforce

For example, in November 2022, a client approached SicoloS to study and develop a solution for Microsoft Power Automate. The client was progressing in tests and negotiations with another technology and needed to reverse the situation by offering something beyond that. In two weeks, SicoloS was able to show the full potential of the platform. The client ultimately decided on Microsoft technology and SicoloS’ services.

SicoloS strives to solve all the challenges relating to the robotic process and exceed its client’s expectations regarding digital transformation and hyper-automation projects. The firm delivers solutions that provide productive and lasting relationships with its customers and partners. This has manifested into positive and relevant results and is on its way to becoming the frontrunner in LATAM.

SicoloS Technologies

Sao Paulo, Brazil

Marcio Cossari, CEO

SicoloS Technology specializes in automation services in the Brazilian market, focusing on Robotic Process Automation (RPA). The company is a pioneer in offering a complete model for conceptualizing and structuring robots in the country, working exclusively with the robotization of processes.

SicoloS Technologies