SIE Consulting Group: Asset Management for Enterprise Optimization

Dave Harrington, Managing Director & Founder
The tug of war between hindrances and opportunities in the business world today leaves companies craving for workflow optimization. This is true in the Federal market as well, where tightened budgets and a heightened emphasis on cost savings result in organizations needing to do more with less. SIE Consulting Group provides deep expertise in IT Asset Management (ITAM) and enterprise license optimization to empower organizations through business process improvement and cost reduction. “Clients need to know what technologies they own and have deployed,” says Dave Harrington, Managing Director, SIE Consulting Group. “It’s essential in effectively managing their enterprise both from a cyber security and cost perspective.”

SIE is a sought-after solutions provider in software license optimization, a new concept in an emerging Federal market. “Our goal is to use volume leverage to influence pricing and Terms and Conditions during vendor negotiations, and to do this we must first know our installed base,” explains Harrington. SIE employs a highly interactive process to provide quality service offerings for their clients based on unique maturity level, and generates real savings for reinvestment through demand management and entitlement optimization.

“For us, consulting is predominantly about building a trusting relationship with our clients, and we emphasize our motto of Service, Integrity and Excellence in every engagement,” connotes Harrington. “We want to provide better value than our competitors while building long-term relationships.”

Governed by the ITAM framework, SIE operates a model where the people and processes are handled upfront, and the technology is implemented once the organization is on solid footing. SIE uses a holistic approach to license optimization, it is “an organizational-wide journey,” as Harrington puts it. “You can’t effectively move an entire organization toward the goal if you have different silos working independently.”

Trust your people to take initiative to accomplish tasks, inspire loyalty by treating them right and lastly don’t take yourself too seriously; just because it’s work doesn’t mean it can’t be fun

Clients often get trapped in the moment, especially in periods of transition. In one such instance, SIE was required to manage the transition of a vendor who had managed all of the client’s services and infrastructure. “We came in and worked with 20+ stakeholders and did a gap analysis of what they needed from a business perspective,” explains Harrington. “We spent days in workshops, white-boarding and documenting everything they needed to do, helping them craft an acquisition package that covered all of their requirements.”

When it comes to defining values that makes SIE a top-tier consulting firm, Harrington references his service in the Marines and being a Navy Pilot. “The 3 things I developed in the military were initiative, loyalty, and sense of humor,” says Harrington. “Trust your people to take initiative to accomplish tasks, inspire loyalty by treating them right and lastly don’t take yourself too seriously; just because it’s work doesn’t mean it can’t be fun.”

SIE differentiates itself from competitors by hiring for enthusiasm and developing expertise internally.

Setting sights on the future, SIE is looking to build upon its array of offerings into systems integration, acquisition management and software as a service. It is only natural to move into IT product offerings, having mastered services in a real-world environment. “We are going to make ITAM great again!” concludes Harrington. “It’s gonna be HUGE!”

SIE Consulting Group

Arlington, VA

Dave Harrington, Managing Director & Founder

SIE Consulting Group is a unique asset management solutions provider helping clients solve complex acquisition issues and add value from supplier relationships.

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