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“While we are inspired by the past, we are always focused on the future,” thoughtfully depicts Carl Siemon, President and CEO, Siemon. He can’t be wrong; at a time when AT&T's three-pole connecting blocks made of fragile ceramic used to connect telecom cables, Siemon manufactured a durable plastic version of the ceramic block, and became a supplier for AT&T. Later in the 1960s, to serve the increasing demand for new and better telecommunications, Siemon began widely shipping its "S66" connecting blocks which quickly became the standard for installing new telephone systems. “Many decades later, that spirit of innovation is still at the core of everything we do at Siemon – driving us to develop and support the highest level of quality and performance in structured cabling infrastructure for the growing bandwidth and storage needs of today's data centers, local area networks, and intelligent buildings,” remarks Siemon.

The structured cabling provides the layer-one foundation of the IP network which is vital for the success of any business. Though important, the structured cabling represents only 3 percent of the total IT spend for most companies. “So why risk 97 percent of your overall IT investment by going cheap on the 3 percent?” touts Siemon. “With nearly 112 years of manufacturing expertise and owning many patents specific to structured cabling, the company’s high quality, high performance, low voltage infrastructure solutions provide the ideal foundation for your network,” he adds. Siemon’s offerings include a comprehensive suite of copper and optical fiber cabling systems, cabinets, racks, cable management, data center power and cooling systems and Intelligent Infrastructure Management solutions.

Siemon works closely with end-users to understand their cabling needs and tailor solutions that best meet those needs. The company gets involved early in the project lifecycle and provides value-added design services to optimize the infrastructure to best support the customer's long-term requirements. “As a Cisco Technology partner, Siemon also provides custom designed products and preconfigured solutions. All of Siemon's products are 100 percent compatible with Cisco equipment,” states Siemon. For example the products include a new series of high speed interconnect cable assemblies specifically designed to be compatible with Cisco switches and servers to eliminate error messages associated with using such assemblies. Another example is an angled air baffle for mounting within cabinets specifically designed to properly route hot air exhaust from the side-vented Cisco Nexus switches.

Additionally, the company offers data center design services as a value-added service to the customers who opt for Siemon’s products. “We also have a best-in-class delivery system consisting of a global network of Siemon Certified Installers trained to design, install and administer the Siemon Cabling System. These installers are recertified to the latest industry standards and Siemon requirements every 2 years ensuring standards compliant system delivery anywhere in the world,” explains Siemon. When an end-user uses a Siemon Certified Installer to design and install their Siemon Cabling System, the company offers an extended 20 year system warranty covering products, performance and applications assurance.

Siemon’s combination of high-performance product solutions and value-added support capabilities have earned the company an impressive customer list that spans the world's leading enterprises in the Finance, Healthcare, Government and Education markets, including over 200 organizations from Fortune's Global 500.

With 112 years of manufacturing expertise and over 400 patents, the company’s high quality, high performance, low voltage infrastructure solutions provide the ideal foundation for your network

One such example, includes Lee County’s Emergency Operations Center in Fort Meyers, FL. Statistically impacted by hurricanes every two and a half years with average winds of 112 mph, Southwest Florida has certainly experienced its share of natural disasters. Its new 27,000 square foot Emergency Operations Centers (EOC) sits 32 feet above sea level and is designed to resist winds over 200 mph—stronger than the most intense hurricane. To select the right cabling and connectivity components for the new EOC network infrastructure, Lee County worked with the design engineer to provide a detailed specification and review several bids from various local installation companies. With thorough support, technical guidance and detailed product information, the county ultimately selected Siemon for the EOC. The county also partnered with Fort Myers-based Fiber Solutions to provide the installation and certification of the infrastructure. “When it comes to selecting vendors and installers, we had to not only look at the performance of the products, but the overall experience, number of past projects, warranty and long-term support,” said Stephen Mason, telecommunications/transport project manager with Lee County. “Siemon and Fiber Solutions were able to provide us with high performance end-to-end cabling systems and a 20-year warranty. They were also willing to work closely with us and our local distributor to make sure we met the needs of the project from both a price and inventory standpoint,” he added.

“What helps Siemon stay relevant and deliver technologies which enable business objectives and customer satisfaction are the ongoing investment in R&D innovation, intellectual property, global capabilities, employee development and retention while cultivating a culture of continuous improvement,” says Siemon. Over 400 patents specific to structured cabling define Siemon’s position as a global innovator and technology leader in the network cabling industry. Unlike many of its competitors, Siemon manufactures its products within its regional manufacturing locations, with extensive U.S. manufacturing at its Watertown, CT location. Siemon controls the entire process from selecting raw materials to delivering finished goods. To achieve this, the company has continually invested in vertically integrated manufacturing capabilities and state-of-the-art automation processes that not only ensure product quality, but support Siemon’s robust global manufacturing capacity. Thanks to all these factors and the company’s ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001 certifications, Siemon has a longstanding reputation for high quality.

Going ahead, Siemon will continue its specialization in low voltage infrastructure and related services for Data Centers, LANs and Intelligent Buildings; invest and expand its intellectual property portfolio; and expand its geographic footprint to further enable local provision of its products and services globally.


Watertown, CT

Carl Siemon, President and CEO

Siemon specializes in the design and manufacture of high quality, high performance network cabling solutions and services.