Sightline Systems: Powerful Analytics Going Beyond Point-In-Time Data

Brandon Witte, President and CEO Few CEOs take server and application performance monitoring as seriously as Sightline Systems’ Brandon Witte. In a way, it’s personal for this tri athlete and Ironman competitor. Success in those types of races is found by individuals who not only train, they plan and understand how their own systems perform under pressure and make adjustments to continue to operate at their optimum. Witte brings that same personal focus on performance to his business.

“I believe that forward thinking and planning goes a long way, either in preparing for a competition or leading a company. And hence I leverage data to meticulously plan and challenge myself continuously to perform at new levels,” says Brandon Witte, President and CEO, Sightline Systems.

It is the same planning that drives Sightline Systems — a company that offers real-time operations intelligence solutions focused on analytics, root-cause analysis and correlation of data from any source.

Since its inception nearly 30 years ago, Sightline Systems has provided the right tools that combine performance data from multiple sources and present that data in a simple yet powerful analytics and reporting for business operations. Powered by Red Hat technology, the company’s product suite focuses on helping customers with performance and capacity planning needs related to their Enterprise Data Management (EDM) is at the center of Sightline Systems’ solutions, a powerful data collection and analysis tool that is capable of capturing multiple levels of information from thousands of parts in a company’s environment and gives IT administrators a simplified, single pane of glass view into their systems’ performance.

The Powerful Differentiator
The key to that knowledge is its Power Agents. Their goal is simple, collect incredible amounts of data at all times on each server or application. It’s like attaching a super-powered personal health tracking device to each server. Each can also be configured by the user to collect very detailed information down to the trends that are running on a server.

The benefit is that administrators can gain insight into their servers and applications even when the connections between them are severed. Once those connections are restored, IT teams can get that information. It’s a crucial differentiator for companies hoping to gain a higher level of actionable data on their environments and the parts within.
In addition, the offering automatically cases all that information so that the client will always have an current and historical audit of the happenings in a system from a performance perspective, which makes doing trouble shooting and planning much easier.

“Our Power Agents offer service to over 50 different technologies and platforms. And we offer plug-ins for EDMs such as Clairvor, which is our root cause analysis solution. This feature automates the investigation of service issues from multiple data sources and integrates all the necessary information to diagnose issues in a central dashboard,” affirms Witte. “Leveraging the information that Power Agents collect over time, ForSight automatically produces sophisticated forecasts for our customers, without the need of complicated modeling and analysis of steps. And it uses machine learning to accurately predict the future trends based on the data that we have already collected.”

The Beauty of Open Architecture
Sightline Systems takes pride in having a platform that is wholly expandable or customizable by its customers. From dashboards to the way in which they present the data can be customized and tailored to meet customers’ unique needs. Customers can also extend the data collection capabilities and provide feedback into the Sightline product for analysis.

“Our platform makes it very easy for customers to introduce new data and take advantage of Sightline for either reporting or analysis purposes,” said Witte. “The real value that we bring is being able to blend business-related data with performance-related data that empowers the client to understand the resource cost for a variety of items versus just seeing one view over the other. And we are honored to see our customers take advantage of our analytics to solve different types of problems.”

While customers help drive the development of future products, its connections with powerful partners is helping Sightline Systems build for its future. Hence, the company has partnered with major technology vendors such as Red Hat.

“We need these relationships to keep our products up to date with the latest developments and provide our customers with the compatibility that they will be looking for if they upgrade their operating systems and environments. Our long-standing partnership with Red Hat in particular, provides early access to new releases, ensuring that the Sightline performance tool evolves with the latest Red Hat technologies. Through this partnership, we are able to allow our customers to confidently monitor new instances of Linux and other Red Hat products,” said Witte.
A Legacy of Successes
Its clients are clearly supporters. The company has enjoyed a renewal rate of over 95 percent, a testament to the quality of the solutions and value that it brings to the table. “We are here to assist customers and be a partner in helping them succeed. We have been able to effectively provide the personal attention, responsive support and regular check-ins, which ensures that the clients are getting the most out of their investments,” affirms Witte.

For instance, Sightline assisted Pennsylvania's Department of Public Welfare (DPW) to perform application and systems performance analysis during its Affordable Care Act (ACA) implementation. This assured the health and stability of DPW’s IT infrastructure, including both physical and virtual resources. Sightline helped diagnose and address critical issues that developed during the first two days of the ACA implementation. As a result, the duration of these outages was shorter and reoccurrences were eliminated.

We help organizations take a more proactive approach to systems management, providing an easy way to maintain record of every system

Planning for Tomorrow
Like Witte, Sightline Systems isn’t simply planning for the next triathlon or Ironman, it’s planning for the races that evolve from those challenges. The company aims to be an industry leader in IT Operations Analytics. “We plan to invest heavily in our software offerings and are committed to providing customers with the most advanced IT analytics platform in the market,” affirms Brandon. “Recently we have identified opportunities in the security space. We believe that Sightline can bring more value to the market by showing how performance data can help solve some of the most critical security challenges that companies are facing today,” he concludes.

Sightline Systems’ strength is its balanced approach to success. Business don’t run their IT systems to win, they run their systems to succeed and continuing to deliver a high level of performance - just like its CEO and president.

Sightline Systems

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Brandon Witte, President and CEO

A company offering a real-time operations intelligence solution focused on analytics, root-cause analysis and correlation of data from any source down to the process level.