Sigma Software: Custom Software Solutions for Operational Efficiency

Valery Krasovsky, CEO
The genesis of San Jose and New York based Sigma Software can be traced back to 2014 followed by a merger with Sigma Group—one of the few Nordic IT consultancies spanning multiple geographies. Sigma Software today fosters European values, approaches, and quality, while offering a wide pool of highly qualified and skilled Ukrainian specialists within different expertise, including mobile development, gaming, Big Data, Cloud, Java, and, last but not least, Microsoft. As a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, the company adheres to the tech giant’s ‘Cloud-First, Mobile-First’ strategic initiative, and follows this trend to perform numerous migrations to mobile and cloud for its customers. Sigma Software operates through full stack engineering to provide more value of engineers work, boost their mobile expertise with technologies such as Xamarin and React Native, and strengthen the company’s position in the cloud field using Azure Services in their deliverables.

Over the years, Sigma Software has evolved and extended their Microsoft services package with other business lines, in addition to being a solution provider, implementation partner, sales partner to a number of clients worldwide. The firm’s commitment towards nurturing the .Net community in Ukraine, reflects in their active participation in partner conferences, meetups, and the organization of user groups globally. Sigma Software’s .Net competence encompasses a varied range of solution types—enterprise content management software, document management systems, corporate workflow management systems, Supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) solutions, developed to cater to the needs of clients across Europe and the U.S. Sigma Software offers full development lifecycle support including architecture design, development and testing, deployment, and documentation development.

Additionally, the delivery of XAML controls supporting Windows 8 and Visual Studio 2012 figures prominently in Sigma Software’s list of core competencies. The Sigma team successfully delivered open source controls, integrated and listed within the Microsoft Visual Studio Gallery offering, in a record period of two months.The firm worked directly with Microsoft to tackle the main challenge involving the lack of technical documentation for the early adopters of Windows 8 and Visual Studio 2012.

We are open to customer expectations, desired communication methods, and cooperation scopes

“The main principle in our customer relations is treating a client like a single baby,” enunciates Valery Krasovsky, CEO of Sigma Software. “We are open to customer expectations, desired communication methods, and cooperation scopes.”

With an experience of partnering with businesses of all sizes—startups, product houses, and multinational conglomerates across industries, Sigma Software has identified the constant challenges faced by customers with regards to bringing down the time-to-market for their solutions. The company has also built competence centers with a focus on creating domain expertise, in turn minimizing the clients’ investments in knowledge transfer. “We are constantly expanding and adding our new offers to Microsoft Gold Partnership program,” adds Krasovsky. In one instance Sigma Software partnered with SubMain, a Microsoft Visual Studio Partner, to offer an exclusive deal for Microsoft Development Network subscribers. “Our portfolio is constantly updated with new competencies, such as infotainment and Xamarin, including lucrative offers in domains like document management or e-commerce, where we have dozens of enterprise-grade projects.”

Sigma credits their turnkey solutions for a long track record of project execution across industries and a client list that boasts of companies such as Scania, Scandinavian Airlines, Formpipe Software, Incit, and many more. Moving ahead Sigma is quite keen on taking their offerings to the Scandinavian market as well as establishing their local presence in Seattle and other regions in U.S. “Whether it is an international corporation or a fresh startup, we value our customer, ensure transparent processes, and ensure the delivery of a high-quality product,” concludes Krasovsky.

Sigma Software

Kharkiv, Ukraine; New York and San Jose, CA

Valery Krasovsky, CEO

Delivers Enterprise content management software, web portals, and document management systems based on Microsoft technologies

Sigma Software