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Shaibal Datta, President & Managing Partner
The shifting of consumer behaviour, due to the proliferation of smart devices, has ushered in the concept of BYOD. The adoption of BYOD will continue in the wake of the rising need to have a more productive mo¬bile workforce. However, the challenges in the BYOD landscape range from legal ownership of data stored on a personal device to the uncontrolled and unsecured applications that could be installed on the device by the user. To support the different devices within the enterprise network, the network architecture has to be modified to control misuse of information in accordance with regulatory compliance mandates.

“Our Solutions Network team works very closely with organizations to remodel their network architecture, to combine elements across the network for a unified approach to secure device access, device and application visibility, policy and control,” says Shaibal Datta, President and Managing Partner, Sigma Software Solutions. The architecture planning involves review of the wired, Wi-Fi, VPN remote and mobile access to network via multiple brands of devices on various mobile networks (3G/4G).

Sigma Software works with strategic partners in preparing policies across wired, wireless, and VPN, managed and BYOD assets, and multi-mobile device management (MDM), Mobile Application Management (MAM), and Mobile Information Management (MIM) and guides the end user towards rearchitecting their network solution. “The key is to keep communication protocol between devices encrypted using secure communication protocol,” adds Shaibal.

BYOD brings its own set of implementation challenges, including device costs, plans and usages, data security, as well as the difficulty of administrating multiple payment and reimbursement options. “Our expertise is in the Billing Sup¬port and Services space with OmniCare Plus a carrier-grade solution designed to allow service providers the opportunity to monetize new services, business models and content todeliver a comprehensive customer experience,” explains Shaibal. For telecom, cable, utilities, healthcare or cloud industry, Sigma Software’s revenue generating platform provides innovative workflow management, order management, converged billing, charging, customer care, and payments solutions to several service providers in four continents via a broad portfolio of licensed and/or service bureau based products and solutions that address the entire subscriber life cycle.
In an implementation highlight, a large telecommunications wholesaler in U.S. was finding it challenging to consolidate the billing across various providers. They needed a solution that could handle the complexity, while still being simple and flexible to allow resellers to manage their billing needs for their customers. Sigma Software professional service team guided the wholesaler to a suitable solution network architecture for scalability, security and efficiency. With Omnicare convergent wholesale billing solution, the wholesaler was able to consolidate the billing across various resellers and improved billing efficiency by 42 percent.

Sigma Software has launched an API based product—MiCare, a complete customer facing mobile customer management solution with capability to independently work over any telecom billing application. “You can log in from your mobile device at any moment of time and check your bills to see whether you have paid and it also allows to view, change plan & services or other activities on your account with that particular service provider,” says Shaibal.

“At Sigma Software, we strongly believe in constantly investing in R&D to improve our product offerings,” states Shaibal. Moving ahead, in the coming year Sigma Software is completing a large initiative on big data by working with a partner for a Canadian bank where they have used Hadoop stack and data layer of HDFS, Zookeeper, Kafka, Storm, Solr on an application layer of Play framework, Netty. Sigma Software is now co-relating and transferring this knowledge to the telecom/cable world as well. On the anvil are plans to significantly invest in the Internet of Things (IoT) BSS/OSS space and Big-Data analytics to support its customers in monetizing the real-time data capture and analyze the Petabytes of big-data coming out of the system.

Our expertise is in the Billing Support and Services space with OmniCare Plus, a carrier-grade solution designed to allow service providers the opportunity to monetize new services

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Shaibal Datta, President & Managing Partner

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