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Catherine Michel, CTO
In today’s customer-centric world, providing an omni-channel experience, with consistency across all channels, has become the expected norm by customers for any type of service. Emphasizing the building of a high-value relationship with the customer, Catherine Michel, Chief Technology Officer at Sigma Systems, asserts that “The key to being able to interact with any customer in any channel and offering them a personalizable and feasible set of products and services lies in knowing what one can sell, to whom, under what circumstances, and with what resources.” She adds, “This knowledge comes from having a catalog-driven, contextually aware set of capabilities that underpins the creation, selling and delivery of products and services.” Addressing these requirements with the most advanced, easy-to-install and configure software solutions is Sigma Systems. With offices around the world, Sigma Systems provides best-of-breed catalog-driven software solutions that enable customers to quickly create, sell and deliver products and services to their customers in a DevOps, agile fashion.

Designed specifically to address the challenges of digital service providers, Sigma’s business and operational support software (B/OSS) product portfolio provides real-time, up-to-date knowledge of all the parameters and constraints of what is available to customers through any channel. The company’s portfolio spans enterprise-wide Catalog, Configure Price Quote (CPQ), Order Management and Provisioning products.

Sigma’s cloud-based catalog-driven software also gives service provider’s centralized control of their products, services and resources by creating a single source of an operator’s product portfolio. In tandem, Sigma’s quote and order capture solution enables users to quickly and easily navigate the catalog to accurately choose the right set of products for specific customer requirements, and ultimately produce feasible orders for delivery. In addition to providing a comprehensive CPQ capability with Sigma’s automated and dynamic ordering processing and service activation platforms, service providers not only decrease error-prone human intervention, but also reduce costs and time to service delivery. Sigma’s software ultimately ensures the error-free delivery of products and services to customers and accelerates time-to-market for new products.

Sigma Systems has demonstrated success by assisting various CSPs in supporting their omni-channel initiatives.

Sigma’s portfolio is designed to support service providers to embrace digital innovation and enable the rapid launch and fulfillments of new products and services

For instance, one of Sigma’s clients, Windstream devised, executed and governed a wide-reaching digital transformation program across their organization. As a key strategic partner, Sigma has been instrumental in Windstream’s lead-to-cash transformation, predicated upon a catalog-driven agile B/OSS solution to dramatically improve their customers’ experience. Windstream’s transformation strategy includes Sigma Catalog to centralize all product, service and resource data, Sigma CPQ to enable guided selling and to produce accurate, technically feasible orders, and Sigma Order Management to orchestrate the end-to-end delivery of orders across the infrastructure. With the help of Sigma's catalog-driven solution, Windstream was able to take all types of products to market, to serve their customers across any channel and deliver their services across any network.

Likewise, Vodafone Germany, continues to rely on the integration of this modern infrastructure to the legacy back-end, allowing the focus to be on more accurately targeting customers and prospects, and taking them through a sales process that results in compelling, personalized offers that can be delivered efficiently.

“Our most important objective is helping our customers achieve value quickly,” states Catherine. “What we sell to our customers are products that they configure, rather than customize. That’s why our customers are able to achieve a tangible solution so quickly. We develop our software products to allow for rapid productization of new capabilities and rapid implementation. With a shorter delivery cycle, we help our customer focus on how to achieve a greater return in the shortest time possible.” All of this equates to exceptional customer experiences and the ability for service providers to flourish in a digital economy.

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Catherine Michel, CTO

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