SIGMAnet: Empowering Public Sector with Innovative Solutions

Many of today’s educational institutions are operating with limited staff and resources, and this makes it difficult for them to meet requirements. In particular, K-12 school districts face challenges that include the implementation of newly instituted technology based assessments,such as the state-mandated Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium (SBAC) testing and the need to assess e-curriculum and e-textbooks. Furthermore, implementing emerging technologies can be quite challenging to a fully staffed organization, and it is nothing short of daunting when one is short-staffed. Enter SIGMAnet. Be it e-content delivery, curriculum management and metrics; support for end-user computing devices; network design; or storage, SIGMAnet does it all. They provide end-to-end solutions that revolve around education.

Founded in 1986, SIGMAnet has gained vast experience in multiple practices over the years—they have practice directors that specialize in key areas, such as infrastructure compute, network and client computing design. The company has developed a simple non-invasive assessment program that gives information regarding the school district’s use and requirements for IT. Called the Foundations Assessment, SIGMAnet provides crucial information on the current state of the overall network, with detailed information on network inventory age, discarded packets (information) and network errors, which can be used by the client to develop a roadmap for future improvements. “Our specialty is that we validate content. We work with publishers to measure the amount of bandwidth e-curriculum takes, understand what’s going to be required, and make our recommendations based on that,” says Stephen Monteros, VP Operations and Strategic Initiatives, SIGMAnet. Overall, the company removes guesswork from technology deployments and implements products that best suit a clients’ requirement. The products offered by SIGMAnet include computing products from Dell and Apple; network infrastructure solutions from Cisco; and content management solutions from Kno.

Unlike a majority of other companies in the market that specialize in one particular area, such as end-user compute or network design, SIGMAnet has an all-round focus, which gives the company a leg up on the rest.

We have the passion and the ability to take care of all your IT requirements

“We play in all of these areas, and do regular testing of curriculum to ensure that what we design is going to be perfect,” says Monteros. SIGMAnet has the right blend of subject matter experts in the education space and Cisco certified engineers through which they deliver the most appropriate solution to clients. “We have the passion and the ability to take care of all your IT requirements,” adds Monteros.

SIGMAnet’s expertise and solutions are being widely utilized in K-12 and e-learning. One of its clients, needing to satisfy SBAC testing requirements, had to deploy 25,000 computers within

2 months, and they lacked the internet infrastructure to support the project. SIGMAnet engaged with the client, and using Dell devices and Meraki wireless, they developed a mobile cart program that gave the client network access, as well as compute at all the sites where deploying a hardwired solution was not possible.

Having seen strong growth over the years, Monteros wants to double the company’s public sector business within the next couple of years. SIGMAnet is focused on continuing to expand its geographic reach and provide superior solutions to the public sector. The company also intends to leverage the latest technologies like mobile computing and next-gen content tools from Kno to provide more value to clients.


Ontario, CA

Stephen Monteros, VP Operations & Strategic Initiatives

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