As humankind gets more accustomed to the amenities of the digital world, it is essential that organizations of various shapes and sizes spread across all industries in the enterprise arena keep up the pace. While large firms are utilizing their financial clout to deploy state-of-the-art platforms to mitigate their issues, small and mid-sized companies operating on limited budgets often find it hard to find the right solution providers. Contino, a global technical consultancy is coming to the aid of such emerging businesses by providing them with insights and services that modernize their workflow methodologies and enables for faster system architecture transformations. Founded by Matt Farmer, CEO, and Benjamin Wootton, CTO, the company has overseen more than 200 enterprise engagements fully understanding the challenges faced by their clients, and delivering the apt metamorphosis strategies. Since its inception, Contino has grown in magnitude from a startup that was just headquartered in London, U.K., to a top-line consulting firm that has offices located all across the globe.

To deliver superior advisory services to its clients on various technological fronts, especially DevOps and cloud computing, Contino partners with some of the big names of the cyberspace. Presently, the consulting agency has ties with AWS as a Premier Partner, HashiCorp System as an Integrator Partner, and is also recognized by Kubernetes as a Certified Service Provider. Further, Contino encourages its clients by application of its own Operating Model to deliver business leading outcomes that assure success. A mentionable feature at Contino is the highly agile workforce it employs; the team is comprised of leading automation domain experts and thought-leaders of the global DevOps forum.

One scenario in which the professionals were seen in action was when a large financial information firm transferring its operations to AWS ran aground and required assistance. As part of the transformation, the CTO at the client firm began a DevOps initiative that would bring all of the company’s procedures under a centralized system infrastructure. The project was led by a newly formed DevOps team that was ill-equipped, had a low budget and a shortage of staff.

A mentionable feature at Contino is the highly agile workforce it employs; the team is comprised of leading automation domain experts and thought-leaders of the global DevOps forum

Unable to initiate the migration of 75 percent of the data center resources of the group, the CTO employed Contino based on its exemplary service portfolio.

The consultants from Contino conducted extensive research over two weeks, making observations and conducting interviews across multiple client locations to understand the distinguishable factors amongst various teams. Once the assessment was performed, the professionals from Contino recommended that the client bring all of its DevOps operations under a single federated model. Further, regional teams were treated to quality education from the consulting firm to ensure a seamless change to the new structure.

As a result of the adoption of a single DevOps module, the client was able to gain better visibility, and meet all the needs required to operate in the cloud (AWS) successfully. Besides, allowing its client to achieve their goal, Contino also assured a decrease in time to mitigate production issues by enabling quick identification and annulment of bugs.

Having assisted clients in getting past their digital roadblocks, Contino continues to pursue more knowledge about the current trends in the DevOps space. The company is also seeking to increase its workforce across its many global locations.


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