SignaShare: SignaShare Goes Beyond Document Management

Matt McAlpin, JD & CEO
Ever heard of SignaShare? If you haven’t, chances are you will soon. Recently, SignaShare was brought before the decision-makers in a large organization as the discussion around document management was gaining steam. Decision-makers were perplexed with a gamut of questions—how were they to gain a clear view of target demographics, sales leads, and transaction history? The organization had already made a significant investment in a previous document solution, but that solution failed to attain effectual document management and deduce actionable insights. After many brainstorming sessions, they came to a decision—they needed to find an apt replacement for their existing document management system. These discussions led to the implementation of SignaShare, which transformed the way the organization’s documents were being managed.

With SignaShare, the organization is able to create and store all necessary documents and forms required to execute any transaction, and simplify the process with the creation of fillable forms and e-signatures. The workforce can access documents from anywhere and administrators can restrict access through rules and permissions. Viewing documents, reports, data, and trends became a unified process for the organization. “SignaShare goes beyond document management—does more than store documents. It is a software ecosystem of document management, e-signatures, form filling, indexing big data with analytics and metrics,” describes Matt McAlpin, JD & CEO of SignaShare.

SignaShare enhances the ability to manage all aspects of document management, but more importantly, it also allows for capitalization on data to be gathered from the analytics found in those forms and documents. This is a different perspective from the traditional model of document management. McAlpin continues by saying, “Companies are used to storing their documents but indexing and analyzing the data in these documents is something new.” Giving companies the ability to pull important metrics and analytics on data is extremely beneficial for companies heavily invested in document management systems.

We envision the entire document lifecycle sitting within this document management software ecosystem

These documents contain vast amounts of information about customers, employees or anything else that can be analyzed for insights that lead to better decisions and strategic business moves. “Analytics and metrics are a big part of our lives now and SignaShare is providing valuable data-to-insights,” remarks McAlpin.

SignaShare is unique because it has the ability to enhance the traditional document management platform in any market. SignaShare manages documents and prepares them to be filled and/ or signed with its form-filling and e-signature platform. Key functions include URL form-filling and open APIs, which allows the passing of data from current systems directly into forms to be stored, sent and indexed for future search capabilities. The roles and permissions allow for an extensive level of performance, folder creation and management at any enterprise level. While being focused on simplification of document management and its storage, SignaShare equally concentrates on the incorporation of security measures. “Every document in storage as well as in transit is encrypted. We use temporary URLs to bestow ease of access and ensure the security,” notes McAlpin.

The company’s goal is to provide a document management ecosystem from the initiation of the document to the end with insights that go beyond. “We envision the entire document lifecycle sitting within this document management software ecosystem,” says McAlpin. SignaShare is currently serving North America in the real estate industry, and is also branching out into healthcare and higher education. Driven by innovation, the roadmap of the company is full of cutting-edge practices.


Wilmington, DE

Matt McAlpin, JD & CEO

Provides a tool to help organization fill forms, sign, send, manage documents, and gain insights through analytics