Signavio: Multi-Pronged Approach to Business Transformation

Dr. Gero Decker, CEO and Co-founder
The concept of business process management (BPM) relates more than ever to “process-change management,” given the pace at which newer enterprise technologies are outmaneuvering predecessors. It has become imperative for companies to keep track of their operational models or risk losing their edge on multiple levels, including market competition and customer relations. However, for many companies, business transformation can be difficult to implement, from identifying areas for improvement, to analyzing the scope of change and its impact on the organization, and anticipating unforeseeable outcomes. Having to evaluate regulatory risks—especially when there is a presence in multiple countries—is also daunting. And usually, all this is happening while trying to maintain high customer experience and retention. These are tasks that may be well beyond what a CIO or even an IT department can manage single-handedly. This is where Signavio comes into its own, with the game-changing multi-pronged Signavio Business Transformation Suite.

“We help companies get a better understanding of their process models. This helps translate their goals into operational steps and strategies which they can perform on a daily basis,” says Dr. Gero Decker, Signavio CEO and Co-founder.

Hailing from a software engineering background, Dr. Decker founded Signavio to empower organizations to reimagine, optimize, and reinvent themselves from an operational perspective. At its core, the Signavio platform redefines enterprise collaboration for organizational change, harnessing employee knowledge to give a more granular-level view of processes. With Signavio’s Collaboration Hub, companies can also channel crowd intelligence and filter it through relevant business outcomes and goals. Signavio’s collaborative knowledge enables change throughout any organizational hierarchy.

Signavio Process Manager is one of the three functional modules that come with the Collaboration Hub. Process Manager delivers robust process and decision-modeling capabilities, which in turn foster company-wide transparency and improved regulatory compliance. The Process Intelligence module carries the baton forward by leveraging transactional footprints of data within an organization and translating them into current operational models.

We help companies get a better understanding of their process models to translate their goals into operational steps and strategies

As Dr. Decker describes it, the module “reverse engineers organizational prophecies” and enables companies to identify process bottlenecks. It also reveals areas that can be improved or enhanced by automation.

Workflow Accelerator is an automation propeller with numerous functionalities such as form and information routing, escalation management, task distribution, record keeping, and standard operational procedures adoption. Each Suite module can be installed independently or integrated seamlessly with existing systems.

Signavio Business Transformation Suite enables clients to implement transparent enterprise-wide process transformations. Highlighting Signavio’s impact, one manufacturing entity had an established presence in over 50 countries but had 25 different ERPs in place from various vendors. Signavio enabled the company to gain major insights into how processes varied within different offices. The collected data smoothly translated to give a big picture of system standardization and consolidation. The organization was thus able to map their consolidation journey precisely as it progressed.

To meet their customer needs, Signavio continues to expand its presence and functional capabilities. Dr. Decker concluded: “We see a lot of momentum and traction for what we are doing. We are increasing our geographical footprint by adding touch points in the UK, France, Switzerland, and Australia. Robotic process automation is highly relevant these days for many enterprises, and we plan to steer and scale ourselves accordingly.”


Burlington, MA

Dr. Gero Decker, CEO and Co-founder

Signavio Business Transformation Suite empowers organizations to reimagine, optimize, and reinvent themselves from an operational perspective

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