SigNus Technologies: Holistic Approach to Streamlining IT Operations

Matthias Hypolite, Owner and Manager
IT companies are familiar with rapid changes as new technologies flood the market and existing ones evolve. In this ever-advancing environment, IT administrators must actively balance the pole between infrastructure requirements and budget constraints while improving operational efficiency. They must also ensure data security.

Partnering with a managed services specialist like SigNus Technologies can help organizations reduce the strain on their in-house IT staff, boost productivity, and focus on matters of strategic growth rather than tedious, repetitive operations.

SigNus Technologies has strategic partnerships with leading solution providers, like Dell, to provide advanced and cost-effective solutions instrumental in lowering clients’ IT burden. Its portfolio includes managed services, business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR), cyber security, and IT consultation. It leverages cloud technology tools to deliver managed services across all avenues of IT management, including support, patch installation, and endpoint security to detect and preempt cyber threats.

“We work with clients to identify the right hardware solutions imperative to their organizational needs while preempting possibilities of overspending,” says Matthias Hypolite, Owner and Manager of SigNus Technologies.

Hardware-as-a-service is an area that SigNus is currently exploring, where they can foot the bill for the hardware upfront and rent it to organizations. The company takes the economies of scale approach while rendering hardware-related services.

SigNus leverages proven, industry-wide accepted best practices to devise strategies that align IT department actions and expenses to business needs and can be readily modified to suit growth goals. It follows the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) methodology to render IT-managed services effectively for the entire service lifecycle. The framework assists organizations in standardizing the selection, planning, maintenance, and overall lifecycle of IT services, which translates to predictable service delivery.
The highly client-centric approach improves IT operations’ efficiency while paving the way for SigNus to be a service partner that goes beyond providing back-end support.

We work with clients to identify the right hardware solutions imperative to their organizational needs while preempting possibilities of overspending

To provide holistic services, SigNus installs a deployment agent to remotely deploy a suite of monitoring and reporting solutions onto the client network. The full-featured reporting systems provide detailed automatic reports on a predefined schedule giving complete visibility over the IT infrastructure. The data is fed back to SigNus’ data center, where monitoring and analysis are regularly carried out. It also deploys a robust endpoint security and anti-malware prevention solution throughout the network to automatically detect and prevent most cyber threats. The affected systems are isolated if a breach is detected, and remediation is predominantly automated. In instances where in-person visits are required, SigNus dispatches its team to help clients resolve their issues. Its 24/7 service model ensures clients have constant access to the SigNus help desk. The support services come at no additional costs as its managed services package includes unlimited service hours.

SigNus offers its services to clients with as little as five endpoints to larger ones with more than 3000, regardless of industry verticals, including government agencies. From technical advisory to business planning, SigNus is well-positioned to augment IT environments and help clients meet the growing demand for digitized processes.

For the road ahead, SigNus, in partnership with Dell, plans to add more data center-level offerings and expand its service portfolio along the lines of hyper-converged infrastructure. Dell’s active customer outreach policies are why SigNus recommends Dell workstations, servers, and other products from the Dell portfolio for IT hardware needs.

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Grand Cayman, KY

Matthias Hypolite, Owner and Manager

SigNus Technologies is an I.T. services company committed to offering the most advanced and practical solutions to suit your I.T. needs. SigNus Technologies leverages cloud and hybrid technology to deliver managed services solutions

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