Silent Circle: Re-inventing Privacy Using Multifaceted Platform

Bill Conner, President & CEO
Cyber security has become a critical issue for enterprises as they face persistent threats to the privacy and security of mobile communications. With sophisticated eavesdropping pervasive across global networks, the increased use of mobile devices in a business setting provides great opportunities but also great risk. Vast amounts of confidential information can be readily compromised when mobile devices are integrated without sufficient consideration for privacy and security.

To mitigate the security threats and eavesdropping risks, Silent Circle, a Switzerland-based company, provides enterprise privacy through a revolutionary mobile platform of devices, software and services.

“We built the first enterprise privacy platform to enable private voice and video calls, text messaging, and file transfer between mobile devices,” Bill Conner, President and CEO, Silent Circle explains. “In a post Sony world, traditional security solutions have failed global enterprises and have been underserved when it comes to privacy. We’re here to fix that. Our enterprise privacy platform is built on next generation security with appropriate policy choices. This new approach and capability is the driving force of everything we do.”

The company’s Blackphone offering protects communication and data everywhere–not just inside company walls. “Blackphone combines an enhanced Android operating system with a suite of apps designed to keep your enterprise and personal information secure,” adds Conner.

Furthermore, Blackphone’s Smarter Wi-Fi Manager turns off the user’s Wi- Fi when they are out of range from trusted networks, keeping their past network history private and protecting phones from accidentally connecting to suspicious networks. And if you are using public Wi-Fi networks, Blackphone will allow you to easily access a VPN for private, secure browsing.

In addition, Silent Phone and Silent Text, which offer encrypted peer-to-peer VoIP and text services, provide users access to encrypted communication and file transfer from anywhere.
A Silent World calling plan provides enhanced security and flexibility on any mobile device (IOS or Android), extending the reach of Silent Phone's encrypted calling to regular mobile and landline numbers for private conversations even with people who don't use Silent Phone.

The company’s web based Silent Manager is designed to give designated administrators a simple and an easy way to oversee their organizations’ use of the Silent Circle platform. It provides at-a-glance overviews of current users, groups, and plans, and a newsfeed showing relevant Silent Circle information, such as news about updates to Silent Circle apps. “With the web management capability, administrators can add or remove users individually or in multiples, making Silent Circle accounts easy to deploy as needed,” says Conner. Silent Manager also allows for the creation of subscription codes, which can be used to distribute services outside of email or traditional business environments.

Silent Circle has matured into the world's most trusted solution for mobile and enterprise privacy, serving individuals, businesses, and governments in over 130 countries with a truly revolutionary platform of software, services, and devices.

Blackphone combines an enhanced Android operating system with a suite of apps designed to keep your enterprise and personal information secure

“In a post Sony world traditional security solutions have failed global enterprises,” Conner explained. “What’s more, these breaches have evolved and have much broader impact. They now put every customer, employee and partner at risk. They are eroding the trust people have in enterprises. That’s why we’ve developed a platform which allows any business to design a solution that works best for them.”

Silent Circle

Geneva, Switzerland

Bill Conner, President & CEO

An encrypted communications firm that provides multiplatform secure communication services for mobile devices and desktop.