Silkroute Global: Providing Retailers With The Analytical Keystone To Fine Tune Their Supply Chains

Amjad hussain, Founder & CEo
With sophisticated in-store technology flourishing at the back of retail sector, vendors are embracing the tech-trends in their businesses. The new-age solutions supplied by Silkroute stand at the forefront of providing retailers with technology meant to increase sales, decrease inventory and achieve greater customer satisfaction through customized product assortments and higher in stock rates.

Built by MIT Scientists and industry experts, SilkRoute Global enhances retail supply chains by providing customers with its multi-channel retail Software as a Service (SaaS) solution, SkyLight. The development house specializes in B2B software, all-channel commerce, advanced analytics, custom mobile apps and IT managed services.

Based in Troy, Michigan and led by Founder & CEO Amjad Hussain, SilkRoute provides an approach that allows its customers to focus on their core competencies. "Silkroute has given clients the opportunity to completely focus on their products rather than concentrating on the operations of their supply chains," says Hussain. As Silkroute's retail supply chain industry experts work collaboratively with Silkroute's mathematicians and IT wizards, the company uses Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions tailored to its client's business needs. These services have helped reduce out-of-stocks, inventory levels, and shipping/transportation costs while at the same time, increase the in-store on-shelf availability targets.

SilkRoute, whose customers include some of the largest manufacturers, distributors and retailers in the world, attributes its growth to its talent pool and SkyLight SaaS platform.
SkyLight is a complete SaaS solution capable of managing all parts of the wholesale and retail supply chain. From new product launch to demand forecasting and replenishment to returns and markdown management, the SkyLight product suite delivers sophisticated tools that help drive bottom-line results.

This product is an omni-channel SaaS solution, ideal for retailers, as well as manufacturers and distributors engaged in vendor managed inventory (VMI) relationships. SkyLight provides customers with a robust product life cycle management solution capable of optimizing all parts of the retail supply chain. The new product introduction module optimizes store level inventory by sending product only where true sales potential exists and in appropriate volumes to maximize sales and minimize overstocks and returns. The robust demand forecasting engine is driven by a series of complex algorithms authored by leading MIT mathematicians and data scientists. This ensures that product replenishment matches the accuracy of the new product introduction and results in optimized inventory levels throughout the product lifecycle down to the individual sku/location level. SkyLight also offers customizable automated reporting to track KPI's that are meaningful to your business. An enhanced sales and inventory portal provides real-time location level data for use by those at ground level. It also provides the ability for 2-way communication and full field compliance reporting.

Even with all of these features currently built into the SkyLight Saas offering, SilkRoute still sees the opportunity for continuous improvement on their already proven system. Rapid development of SkyLight enhancements and new software offerings will fuel significant growth over the next 12-24 months as the SkyLight offering truly hits the sweet spot that retailers and suppliers are looking for in terms of both price and productivity.


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Amjad hussain, Founder & CEo

SilkRoute Global provides multi-channel retail software as a service (SaaS) solution.