Silver Spring Networks (NYSE: SSNI): Building Sustainable Smart Cities of Tomorrow

Michael Bell Smart city technologies, the next wave of technology disruption is fast gaining momentum in the enterprise sector. These technologies are directed towards building smart cities of tomorrow—unleashing better economic opportunities, improving quality of life, while making city operations more efficient. The new smart city applications rely on a modern networking infrastructure platform that connects new classes of intelligent devices and share real-time information for improved decision making. In the midst of these developments where many companies are still trying to figure their way through the idea of connected devices and smart cities, Redwood City, CA, based Silver Spring Networks Inc. (NYSE: SSNI) has already established a pioneering position. The company’s multi-application platform enables cities to leverage network investment to support multiple city services, including smart lighting and advanced metering infrastructure for electric, gas and water.

“Smart utility networks, smart cities, and the broader IoT opportunity–these are the forces shaping the world around us and Silver Spring is poised to take its proven technology, blue-chip customer relationships, and impressive global footprint to drive even greater impact,” says Michael Bell, President and CEO, Silver Spring Networks.

Post his successful tenure as an Apple executive, Bell took the helm of Silver Spring Networks and unfolded Silver Spring Networks’ Application Programming Interface (API) that utilized the IEEE 802.15.4g wireless interoperability standard, called Wi- SUN (Smart Utility Metering) which laid out a robust foundation for connecting critical infrastructure. Today, the company supports global utilities and cities connect, optimize, and manage smart energy and smart city infrastructure, while ensuring safety and sustainability. From the initial stage of implementation to maintenance and security, Silver Spring Networks offers planning and support on how to begin the transformation into a true smart city in a practical and efficient way.

Smart Infrastructure for Smarter City

Silver Spring Networks has successfully laid out multitudinous deployments across the U.S., Singapore, Denmark, U.K. “We have deployed more than 22 million IoT connections,” says Bell. The company’s multi-application platform— SilverLink—provides an innovative edge to the whole gamut of city systems, comprising the prime aspects such as transportation, energy, water, health and safety, environmental sustainability and building management.

Smart utility networks, smart cities, and the broader IoT opportunity– these are the forces shaping the world around us

It ensures interoperability throughout diverse ecosystem of connected, intelligent smart city devices, and applications.

SilverLink delivers a flexible foundation coupled with future-proof capability that fulfills the requirements of a smart city by connecting critical infrastructure devices. The cities can exponentially lower long-term costs and speed up deployments for new services with SilverLink’s additional smart city applications. Its reliable, secure, and flexible multi-application feature empowers cities to select the right solutions to build successful for smart city projects.

Silver Spring Networks constantly endeavors to drive its customers build one of the most sustainable and smartest cities. The company has been supporting the capital city of Denmark, Copenhagen in its efforts to become carbon neutral. Copenhagen has deployed Silver Spring Networks’ city lighting system to enhance energy efficiency, reduce operational costs, ensure remote lighting management, and gain control over citizen safety. The initial replacement of high-pressure sodium lamps with highly efficient LED fixtures in the city ensured energy savings of 65 percent. These lights are controlled on a schedule, and as an addition, SilverLink platform enables lights to dim or brighten based on the presence or absence of humans. With a goal of installing and networking 20,000 street lights across the city, which will provide flexible network that supports various smart city applications, Silver Spring Networks is on its way to help Copenhagen achieve its objectives.

Building a Wireless, Connected World

It takes constant innovation to keep up with the success in a highly competitive environment. Without resting on its past laurels, Silver Spring Networks believes in enhancing the existing offerings, and fostering continuous transformation. The company has recently launched Starfish, an international wireless IPv6 network service for the IoT that allows commercial enterprises, cities, utilities and developers access a reliable, secure and scalable IoT network service with service level agreements (SLAs) that fulfills their requirements. It securely establishes connections between devices and sensors, leveraging a vast variety of standards-based wired and wireless communication protocols.
“With the Starfish IoT network service, Silver Spring opens up one of the most reliable, scalable, and secure IoT networks on the face of the earth,” says Bell. “We want to make connecting to the potential of the IOT as simple as subscribing to the plan of customers’ own choice.”

From commercial enterprises, to cities, utilities, and developers, everyone can access huge amounts of data created by intelligent endpoints through public-cloud and gain meaningful insights on ways to improve the citizens’ quality of living. Starfish also helps developers leverage its proven IoT-scale platform to produce hardware and software that are capable enough to trounce the global challenges faced by today’s cities and build an environment that reinforces sustainability.

"Silver Spring is poised to take its proven technology, blue-chip customer relationships, and impressive global footprint to drive even greater impact"

For instance, the Florida based utility company, Florida Power and Light has partnered with Silver Spring Networks to deploy the largest networked street lighting program in North America to connect and manage more than 500,000 street lights. Silver Spring Networks’ IPv6-based multi-application network and SLV6 software have been helping Florida Power and Light firm to reduce energy consumption, fulfill needs and ensure regulatory compliance. The company’s LED street lighting smart energy project helps the city to meet environmental regulations and initiatives by lowering energy consumption. The features like automated dimming and reduced runtime facilitate additional energy savings through network control. Adding to this, Silver Spring Networks’ smart city projects boost energy efficiencies and fulfill the requirement for reduced CO2 emissions and other regulatory mandates.

With a robust group of leaders from powerful coalition of utility, cable, telecommunications and information technology fields, Silver Spring Networks aims to create a world, where everything is connected, networked, and working in harmony with the generations to come. Silver Spring Networks’ combined efforts from its employees, products, and partners, promise to forge the path for a better, healthier, and safer environment by helping citizens effectively reduce carbon footprint, overall energy consumption, and expenditures.

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