SilverSky: Simplifying the Process of Securing Important Information

Tim Harvey, CEO
Email is the lifeblood of business communications, and keeping it secure, compliant, and highly available can prove to be a tedious affair. Companies are often concerned with incoming traffic – protecting themselves against viruses, worms, and botnets. However, the critical information flowing out of the organization – primarily through email – also represents a significant risk.

Enter SilverSky. The company has eliminated the woes of the present market by delivering a comprehensive suite of cloud-based Email Protection Services (EPS), including Targeted Attack Protection (TAP) to help customers better prepare for and prevent today’s increasingly sophisticated threats. “We act as a true partner to all customers, offering simple, hassle-free ongoing technology updates and innovations, predictable software-as-a-service pricing, 24/7/365 technical support and event monitoring, and cross-customer correlation,” said Tim Harvey, CEO, SilverSky.

A Wide Array of Products

SilverSky is a leading provider of cloud-based managed security services. SilverSky EPS is built on a single cloud management platform, providing organizations with unified security and control over inbound and outbound messaging. Its industry-leading suite – with TAP, Email Continuity, Advanced Data Loss Prevention (DLP), Archiving, Encryption, and alignment with highly regulated infrastructure and policies – boasts a caliber of features normally reserved for large enterprises. But SilverSky makes the best security technology available to organizations of all sizes.

In addition to EPS, SilverSky’s Security-as-a-Service platform also delivers Network and Managed Security Services that empower IT departments to drive down security risk and do more with limited resources. SilverSky’s services fulfill rigorous requirements for companies in industries with the most demanding data security, availability, and regulatory policies – all from a single platform.

The X Factor

“Our security research team’s ability to monitor and adapt products – to remain secure against targeted phishing scams, spam emails, and cyber attacks – is one of our key differentiators.
By safeguarding our customers' most important information, we enable growth-minded leaders to pursue their business ambitions without security worry,” added Tim. The company’s growing customer base includes 6,000 organizations in the financial services, retail, healthcare, energy, critical infrastructure, and manufacturing sectors.

Safeguarding our customers' most important information, we enable growth-minded leaders to pursue their business ambitions without security worry

Of note, SilverSky provides cloud-based security services for 1,800 financial institutions, one of the most security-conscious vertical markets and also one of the most targeted. Among those are Cabrillo Credit Union, Jeanne D’Arc Credit Union, Columbia Bank, West Suburban Bank, and more. Their banking and credit union customers’ assets exceed $580 billion.

In the Near Future

The team of executives, expert analysts, and security researchers at SilverSky have long predicted that the future of security will revolve around a constant introduction of new threats to various markets they serve, where phishing threats and data leakage are of primary concern. As evidenced by threat tracking and analysis in SilverSky Labs, the team anticipates the quantity of threats to increase twofold in 2014, which is why one of their main areas of focus is on their TAP service, which stops targeted attacks, spear phishing, “longline” phishing, and advanced zero-day exploits. Other areas of focus include Hosted Exchange, Email Data Loss Prevention (DLP), and a rapidly expanding channel program.



Tim Harvey, CEO

A provider of cloud-based managed security services