SIMBYM: Simple & Seamless Integration of PPM and ITSM on a Single Platform

Raj Rajendran, CEO
Having held top executive positions in the corporate world, he desperately saw the dire need to change the way enterprises operated. For Raj Rajendran, a cognoscente with over 25 years of ex-perience in IT industry, this impetus breezed in 2015. While successfully delivering several multimillion dollar projects and programs, Rajendran spotted a lack of an integrated, simple and efficient system that catered to the requirements of managing and supporting projects and processes. His ardent attempt to end complexity of dealing with multiple systems gave rise to SIMBYM (Simplified Integrated Management BY Metrics.) SIMBYM’s cloud based software eases technology management functions by removing complexities associated with planning, execution, and support. The company brings together the dynamic duo of PPM and ITSM seamlessly with its patent pending process to provide a simple and integrated solution that offers a holistic view to manage every aspect of projects and processes from financials to real time status reporting—automatically.

With SIMBYM, users can consolidate technology execution and support, collaborate in a single environment, and propagate information on documents, tasks, risks, issues, and more; all of these with the aid of automatically deriving predictive and prescriptive metrics to help decision making and improve execution. The company has escalated to prominence for its sheer prowess in implementing efficient project and process execution by configuring the client’s multiple support systems without the need for custom programming. Besides eliminating dedicated help desk tools, interaction emails, custom spreadsheets, other portal and ad hoc processes, the company’s process and technology management system ensures maximum utilization of the client’s resources by establishing a single source of truth for communication. Rajendran says, “Our motive is to eliminate complexity and lighten the burden of management in organizations with technology.”

A compelling facet of SIMBYM is its ability to automatically create a project plan for clients, which requires minimal input. The unique delivery approach of the company includes an inquiry about how the client is organized, their resources, and the services provided by their teams.

Our motive is to eliminate complexity and lighten the burden of management in organizations with technology

Moreover, customers are allowed to set up their preferred templates for documents and deliverables produced by the processes. The client can voice their preference for the project type or project template, while SIMBYM builds a project plan for them. On the service side, be it change, incident or asset manage-ment, the company provides efficient services combined with collaborative capabilities with enterprise controls in place. With pre-configured ownership of the process, changes implemented can be automatically transmitted downstream. Furthermore, when professionals are unsure about who they should reach out for help, SIMBYM steps in with its unparalleled ‘discovery of services’ where it automatically routes the user to the relevant team within the organization for support.

One of SIMBYM’s customers in the professional services was faced with a conundrum of manually managing resource allocation and had no visibility to the initially planned expenditure and the actual cost of a project. SIMBYM provided solutions that allowed detecting capacity with resources on the bench and enabled the estimation of the cost and other expenses. In addition new reports enabled, the client to drive down cost in support services.

What started off as a map to manage IT has evolved into a color-coded blueprint fostering innovation and out-of-the-box ideas meanwhile fortifying its existing envelope. In days to come, SIMBYM is determined to expand its footprint all over the US and countries outside it; the company believes that there will be a time when their platform will turn out to be a necessity for every IT organization, in the world.


Greater Los Angeles Area, US

Raj Rajendran, CEO

A configurable, simple and integrated system to plan, execute, deliver & support technology using a metrics based collaborative platform