SimByte: Educating Dynamics Users with Agile Methodology

Joseph Vu, IT Director
In the highly competitive business world, apart from delivering actionable business insights, the optimized utilization of Microsoft Dynamics enables enterprises to market new products and identify market opportunities. However, Dynamics users often lack ongoing support and expertise leading to incorrect use of Dynamics and complex customizations. This is where SimByte helps businesses with a complete end-to-end offering that includes partner hosted Dynamics and ongoing support to maximize the use of the platform. “SimByte allows rapid realization from concept to action with CRM software technologies along with consulting services,” says Joseph Vu, IT Director, SimByte.

Many Dynamics users today face implementation issues that lead to complex operational overheads and poor performance. “While Dynamics implementation partners are knowledgeable at implementing Dynamics, their expertise in other technologies can often lead the overall solution down a path that results in complex solutions with poor data quality and unstable integration interfaces,” explains Joseph. With great integration capabilities, SimByte’s deep expertise in ADFS, SharePoint, databases as well as a host of programming languages including C#, Java and PHP, integration becomes a much less daunting task for their clients. They also leverage key features such as security, reporting, and workflows and empower companies with the ability to control and improve their Dynamics platform. “We don’t just implement solutions, we also consult the client on what should and shouldn’t be done.”

The firm employs the “train the trainer” concept, wherein Dynamics users are educated on the benefits of reporting and workflows. SimByte’s Sure Step, a blueprinting initiative from Microsoft provides structured guidelines developed from proven CRM deliveries by Microsoft. The Sure Step methodology empowers the company to be proactive with project risks and issues along with visibility and transparency on milestones, timelines, and budgets for their clients. The solution breaks down projects into multiple phases enabling prioritized deliverables into business for ongoing benefit realization and valuable insights. By using a template analysis approach and gathering checklists, workflow diagrams, and role definitions, Sure Step reduces the risk of scope creep and subsequent budget fluctuations.

We have a very strong Microsoft capability to design, build and deploy CRM or xRM solutions based on the Microsoft Dynamics platform

“Sure Step provides SimByte with tools and detailed documentation for their Dynamics CRM project activities, resource allocation, and system configurations,” points out Joseph. Originally an agnostic CRM software provider, the firm offers best practice guidance to tailor customers’ unique requirements related to Dynamics applications. “We have a very strong Microsoft capability to design, build and deploy CRM or xRM solutions based on the Microsoft Dynamics platform.”

Once a client employing traditional rating and billing software suffered commercial as well as brand damage due to late billing and inability to effectively reconcile between network usage and billed amounts. Moreover, the client did not implement Microsoft Dynamics CRM due to complications in integration. Sim- Byte, with expertise in integration and high performing data processing, built a sophisticated rating and billing solution directly within the Dynamics platform. This enabled the client to bill on time and present invoices with accurate billing information for their customers including presentation of bills via a custom built customer portal.

Over the past years, SimByte has been successful as a MS Dynamics partner providing services and assistance in installations and planning. The company has invested heavily on a new platform called Focus, to complement Dynamics, providing clients with the ability to quickly configure a new line of business solution with strong emphasis on security, auditing, and dynamic entity creation alongside a powerful workflow and tailored translation framework. Since Focus supports translations as an out of the box feature, the firm plans to provide its service to South America and Asia where language is a major obstacle for many other products.


NSW, Australia

Joseph Vu, IT Director

Provider of software solutions and consulting services specialized in MS Dynamics CRM