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Shawn Keve, Chief Revenue Officer
In the wake of increasing threat sophistication, organizations face numerous challenges in relation to identity and access management (IAM). While they find it difficult to secure their infrastructure, resources, and apps, adopting the right IAM solution to address these issues becomes even more daunting. Traditionally, companies purchasing IAM tools had no option but to go in search of an efficient managed service provider who can assist them in integrating these tools seamlessly in their environment. Simeio Solutions is a company that is helping companies stay one step ahead of all these challenges related to IAM.

“We started in 2009 as an IAM solution vendor but were quick to realize that many access management programs were failing in the market because of the fragmented and complicated nature of the existing technologies and tool sets,” says Shawn Keve, Chief Revenue Officer of Simeio. Without delaying, Simeio rehashed its solutions strategy to provide Simeio Identity Orchestrator (Simeio IO), a platform that provides a complete set of enterprise-grade identity security capabilities as a service for on-premise, cloud, and hybrid environments. Based on a results-driven, SLA-based service model, Simeio IO allows the companies to integrate their existing IAM tools into a unified platform. With Simeio IO, organizations gain total visibility through a ‘single pane of glass,’ field-proven processes and methodologies, and the most skilled security and identity experts anywhere. Customers can track who has access to which resource in their organization and automate their request provisioning to reduce the risks.

He highlights that Simeio IO tackles the challenge of resource wastage in procurement and provisioning of IAM tools while bringing operational efficiency into the client organizations by automating access reviews, access requests, and privilege access management.
It secures the client’s environment as well as their key resources and apps, and helps them manage risk and compliance.

Simeio IO’s core areas of focus span access management, identity governance, privileged access management, and risk intelligence. Users can use a simple interface with a single sign-on option to easily handle daily lifecycle management, access requests, provisioning and de-provisioning of access, and governance of access policies. Risk intelligence, on the other hand, helps clients understand the behavioral aspects as to how the accounts and access have been used. “We have automated tasks which otherwise would require hundreds of helpdesk staff to cater to the continuous requests for secure access,” says Keve.

In a case study, a financial services company aiming to go public had to meet relevant compliance regulations which included performing enterprise-wide access review. They had just 90 days to complete the task, which had to start from scratch. Simeio enabled them to set up the environment in about a week, migrate hundreds of high risk applications to the cloud, and launch their access review within six weeks of its engagement. The access review campaign, a normally prolonged and tedious endeavor, was completed across the company successfully within 12 weeks. By completing the review cycle and capacity audit, the financial services company could identify areas within the environment that need to be addressed.

Currently, Simeio manages more than 150 million identities through its intelligence security operations centers. “As an ISO 27001 company with HIPAA and GDPR compliance, we align with the most recent compliance regulations,” Keve concludes.

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Shawn Keve, Chief Revenue Officer

Simeio Solutions provides the industry’s most complete Identity and Access Management solution delivered as a service and interoperable with leading IAM tools. We protect over 150 million identities globally for enterprises, institutions, and government entities of all sizes. Simeio IDaaS—which consists of Simeio Identity Orchestrator™ (IO), Simeio Identity Intelligence Center™ (IIC), and managed identity services—brings together best-in-class processes, professionals, and technologies focused entirely on management and protection of identities and related access controls

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