SimiGon: Enables Non-Programmers To Create Simulation Content

Amos Vizer, CEO
“I sat on the simulator and that’s when I realized that the best way of learning is by doing,” ruminated Amos Vizer, CEO of SimiGon, a company that develops and supplies flexible simulation software used to create several distributed applications in the aviation industry. After serving the Israeli Air Force (IAF) as an F-4 Phantom Fighter navigator for a decade, Vizer remembers his days as a pilot when the process of learning was through a pile of books.

Prompted by the need to align training methods with on-field requirements to make learning more effective, SimiGon develops a PC-based software platform SIMbox, which merges high resolution 3D simulation with a digital library, a learning management system and content development tools, which are all capable of being operated in a Windows environment with standard processor speeds. This flagship product is comprised of three main environments: SIMbox Toolkit, an easy-to-use development suite, empowering non-programmers to create, reuse, and control applications; SIMbox Server, a central management environment that provides services to the development and delivery environments, as well as manages the transfer of information between the two; and SIMbox Runtime, a delivery environment that provides hi-fidelity distributed simulations placing the user in a virtual or constructive environment with numerous viewpoints. Accompanying SIMbox is a virtual instructor that provides pilots with complete or partial guidance, set according to user parameters. This component is meant to decrease training time and increase operational readiness. “Using SIMbox, companies are able to train their employees within a duration that is 30 percent less compared to other software. Even though our software is much complex, we are able to shorten the training period and achieve about 15 percent more training task in most cases.

“Altering the modeling, simulation and training world landscape with SIMIBox technologies”

All in all, our clients are able to save about 50 percent of cost utilizing SIMbox,” says Vizer.

SimiGon’s products are already in use by government, and large organizations including 17 air forces and airlines worldwide. The company presents its solution to the market through blue chip partners including the largest defense contractors such as Lockheed Martin.

Deriving its name from the conjuncture of ‘simulation’ and the Greek term ‘Gon’ meaning ‘part of’, SimiGon believes in furnishing a comprehensive, cost effective training solution enabling aircrew and organizations to remain in step with the rapidly changing demands of the military and civilian training world. The company is aiming to create a world where virtual instructors could understand and literally walk the trainee through the whole procedure keeping in mind the knowledge gap and helping to close that gap in the minimum possible time. "SimiGon continues to grow and maintain its strong financial performance as it cements its position as a supplier of choice in the provision of simulation training solutions. Through our long term contracts, we have good visibility of revenues and a robust pipeline of new opportunities which gives us great confidence for 2014 and beyond," says Vizer.


Orlando, FL

Amos Vizer, CEO

Develops and supplies flexible simulation software used to create several distributed simulation applications in the aviation environment.