SimiGon, Inc.: Creating an Exciting, New Market for Simulation Based Training

As a market leader that created a new segment of PC-based simulation SimiGon (LSE: SIM) is bullish on the simulation industry trends bodes well for the Company. Twenty years ago, SimiGon was the first company in the world to take a simulation game and turn it into a professional simulation device. Fast forward to 2018 and cost effective tablet, laptop- and desktop-based simulation and training solutions are witnessing greater adoption for sophisticated skills training. Moving away from traditional expensive, big and hardware based training solutions, professional organizations and end users globally are looking for scalable commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) solutions to meet their updated and advanced training requirements. In addition, the hype around virtual reality (VR) has taken the simulation industry by storm, giving big and small organizations the opportunity to experiment with the technology and iterate business strategies. While VR is a recent fad in the industry, this technology has been “part of another day at work” for the last 15 years at SimiGon, Inc., a visionary company that delivers scalable, high fidelity training and simulation solutions across tablets and larger training devices. As the gold standard in the area of COTS simulation solutions, “We are providing a true comprehensive learning environment for training solutions providers and end users,” says Ary Nussbaum, VP of Business Development (Americas) at SimiGon.

SimiGon’s flagship product, SIMbox, is a PC-based software platform that provides the ability to create and customize simulation-based content for training, education, and R&D in various industries, including aerospace, automotive, and defense. SIMbox’s interchangeable components enable non-developers to create a wide range training scenarios led by Virtual Instructor (VI) using wizards and user-friendly software tools. “Our toolkit is the equivalent of Microsoft Office for the simulation world, democratizing the ability to create training and simulation content, with zero programming knowledge required,” says Nussbaum.

To address the needs of the highly demanding and fast-growing simulation market, SimiGon has adopted a SaaS model. Delivering a high-end 3D graphics and simulation engine, tools to create new content which is monitored and controlled by Learning Management System (LMS), enable SimiGon to create a reliable and robust training solution. The company has all hands on deck, engaging new customers and markets and also adds to its reliability and trust through remote and onsite support teams. This has brought an increase in the demand for SimiGon’s solutions.

Our toolkit is the equivalent of Microsoft Office for the simulation world, democratizing the ability to create training and simulation content, with zero programming knowledge required

“Your training systems saved so many lives.” These words are common for SimiGon, an organization that provides a broad gamut of solutions for teams ranging from pilots to technicians, in addition to in-flight entertainment and R&D for civilian unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) applications. Comprehensive training is provided to technicians on operations such as refueling, tire changing, and de-icing, leading up to advanced avionics testing. Apart from aviation, technicians from other industries are empowered with hands-on experience to accelerate the training process and develop new skills. “The technician bears a huge responsibility as his work has multi-million dollar equipment and human lives at stake,” says Nussbaum. “The training investment is minuscule compared to the cost of a disaster—from financial impact to injuries and even loss of life,” he adds, while discussing how accidents can be avoided with better training. Furthermore, the solutions help cover the complete training process using simulations, reducing and in some cases, eliminating the need for live training processes, enabling organizations to save millions of dollars in the process.

On a mission to provide transformational training to the world, SimiGon is growing the list of industries it caters to, recently adding soft skills and do-it-yourself markets to its clientele. Nussbaum highlights the use of simulation-based training for improving driving skills, training restaurant host/hostesses, or even building a rock wall for a home garden. For SimiGon, the possibilities are endless which keeps them excited about future opportunities.

SimiGon, Inc.

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Ami Vizer, President & CEO and Efi Manea, CFO, Ary Nussbaum, VP of Business Development (Americas)

Provides a scalable technology platform that delivers customizable laptop- and desktop-based simulation and training solutions enhanced by VR technology

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