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Jesper Vinther Christensen, CEO & Founder
The energy sector, that forms the backbone of modern-day societies, is at the forefront of a great transformation, fueled by technological innovations, evolving energy systems, and digitalization. According to Jesper Vinther Christensen, CEO and founder of Similix, alternate energy sources of electricity generation is gaining traction, and harnessing energy in a meaningful way is the key to sustainability.

However, the growing amount of renewables has led to a rise of regulations for utility companies to cope up with stricter policies and tighter deadlines. Optimizing grid performance to reduce operational costs and at the same time ensuring stable and robust services form the inner challenge.

Enter Similix, a consulting and software services company that serves global utilities to improve the performance of their assets by seamlessly integrating business processes and the transition to new technologies. “Our products help utility companies to transition toward a more sustainable future in energy production, distribution, and consumption,” highlights Christensen.

Being an expert in smart grid technologies, Christensen leveraged on his vast experience of working as a consultant in organizations like Ørsted (former DONG Energy) to conceptualize Similix back in March 2013. Since then, the organization has been supporting utilities to get the competitive edge by helping them to optimize the business processes and gain real-time insight into critical infrastructures.

Similix focuses on owners of distribution networks like gas, water, and electric utilities, to make advanced models of their network that enable them to build simulations of what is transpiring in their grid.

The organization has designed the Similix Outage Management System which simplifies the core outage management processes of recording events, identifying failing equipment and affected customers, and facilitating communication to customers and authorities.
Signe Bramming Andersen, Director of Business
Business owners of electrical grids get all the answers such as the amount of electricity flowing through a particular cable at that very moment; the demand for electricity at that point of the grid in the upcoming hours or any number of outages affecting a customer. At the same time, the system is tracking all events from the asset perspective to give input for both optimized asset maintenance and long-term investment strategies.

In the utility industry, from field crews to projects managers and executive management, real-time and historical data of their network at the fingertips is a prerequisite for smooth operations and maintenance. Similix is leveraging the platforms from state-of-the-art technology providers like Esri, OSIsoft, and Microsoft to build attractive products, and use international standards like CIM (Common Information Model) to build products for integration in the electric domain.

The Sketch Tool for ArcGIS from Similix is another offering that can be effectively implemented to create sketches of upcoming installations in any utility grid. Users can also leverage on the application as a background map for climate change. For example, a user can place a cabinet at a place where there is no chance of flooding. “Our Sketch Tool provides electric utilities with all the inputs to create simulations of their installations to deliver uninterrupted power supply to their customers,” says Signe Bramming Andersen, Director of Business Development at Similix.

Based on a partner-centric business model, Similix has an extensive portfolio of partners in various countries of North America, Europe, and Asia. Recently, the organization participated in Esri GeoConX Conference and shared their vision for the utility community which was well received by peers.

Aging assets, climate challenges, more renewable, and at the same time, growing expectations for quality of service will only increase the demand for more structured in-depth management of critical infrastructures in the future. Moving forward, Similix is planning to release the next version of their products and add new ones in the process of building the Similix COMITplatform for future condition monitoring and incident management.


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Jesper Vinther Christensen, CEO & Founder and Signe Bramming Andersen, Director of Business

Provides technological expertise to the global utility community through their designed products and consulting services