Simparel: Integrating Supply Chain with IT

Steve G. Vogel, CEO
Managing a global textile organization is a herculean task amidst the transitions in the textile industry where priority has shifted from designing and manufacturing to retailing, distribution, and customer interaction. The advent of information technology has propelled evolution in this space, revolutionizing the business methods and processes. Simparel, a provider of supply-chain management SaaS developed for the apparel industries, is empowering their clients by offering best software and helping them to meet unexpected changes and challenges in the textile arena. “We see tremendous opportunity at Simparel as fashion companies adopt information technology than ever before to address industry challenges and support domestic and international market growth opportunities,” says Steve G. Vogel, CEO of Simparel. The firm has the most innovative technology to deliver enhanced products, consultative sales, customer service, and professional relationships the clients need to build and sustain their success.

Unlike its counterparts, Simparel ‘Concept-to-Consumer’ Enterprise solution combines a variety of software categories into a single business system. The software offers global process visibility, control, and collaboration by integrating all processes—Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), Supply Chain Management (SCM), and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). Additionally, the solution combines productivity tools into a single, fashion-focused platform.

By providing complete functionality and visibility across a textile company’s entire business and supply chain, Simparel enterprise solution enables customers with the insight to respond swiftly to changing market needs. The company also allows businesses to upgrade their financial results, market reaction, and competitive edge with effective and scalable services.

Some of the industry-specific functions tailored into Simparel to suit business needs are SKU length, PLM, license and royalty management, size and color matrix, digital asset management, component management and UPC Assignment.

We, at Simparel, combine PLM, SCM, MRP, WMS, and ERP in a single business system to provide global process visibility and control and allow collaboration across the supply chain

However, the company is focused in delivering promising solution, on time and within budget and this aspect has helped them garner relationships with prestigious organizations—Royce Too, Maggy London, Bonobos, Outdoor Cap, and Mamiye Brothers.

The Outdoor Cap, which is dedicated in the manufacturing of blank caps, was looking for a better organized, and streamlined platform to manage their system. They chose Simparel and after implementing its warehouse management solution, the client was able to transfer and ship their products more efficiently and faster. “The speed of how we do transfers is probably improved by 20 percent. We get them out sooner and sort them more efficiently, allowing easy tracing of shortages,” comments Peel Chronister, Vice President of Warehouse Operations at Outdoor Cap.

In the near future, Simparel plans to extend their solutions to the booming e-Commerce sphere, outpacing growth in traditional retail channels. The company believes that this reality creates new sales opportunities but also puts increased pressure on the fashion supply chain for speed, accuracy, and flexibility. “The good news is that today’s enterprise solutions are preconfigured to accommodate the complexities of B2B and B2C replenishment,” says Robinson. Simparel is hopeful about imbuing greater agility and visibility across textile enterprise, which translates into having the right inventory on hand to meet changing customer requirements, regardless of the method of shopping.


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Steve G. Vogel, CEO

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