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Nathan Wenzel, Co-Founder
COVID-19 has not only forced enterprise workers to adopt a remote and decentralized way of working, something which their legal co-workers have been following for decades. While the unplanned and prolonged work from home model offers many benefits, it has also paved the way for too many deviations from the legitimate work procedures. In the post-COVID-19 era, the legal department within an enterprise has emerged as the champion of transparency, compliance, and standard operating procedures (SOPs). Presently, legal teams are using this newfound gusto to partner with other departments such as the support team to assist in managing issue ticketing and resolution. In doing so, the legal department is venturing into an unchartered territory where it will be interacting with other departments in new ways to maintain optimum process execution and workflow across the enterprise. As other departments come closer to legal than before, the legal department has the added responsibility of having accurate and timely access to data to bring back normalcy into an otherwise chaotic work environment in terms of processes, workflow, and SOPs.

Stepping up to the occasion, SimpleLegal is a legal tech solution provider that offers an intuitive and user-friendly administrative work management solution. “Our mission is to simplify complicated legal processes using digital technologies,” states Shri Iyer, VP of Product at SimpleLegal. A data management company at heart, SimpleLegal’s background in Business Intelligence allows legal teams to take a data-first mindset to easily track KPIs related to workflow and process execution. The platform allows users to automate the mundane tasks as well as spend and vendor management and arrive at quality insights to make better functional decisions. “We have a legal ops maturity model that promotes transparency of actions and allows users to remain in control of the processes. This way, enterprises can improve workflow efficiency and achieve better outcomes,” informs Nathan Wenzel, Co-founder at SimpleLegal. The solution serves as a single source of truth and helps legal teams understand their goals in a simple manner. This helps teams from across departments to collaborate dynamically and take informed decisions in every case.

SimpleLegal takes a pragmatic approach to bring order to the enterprise workflow decision-making. Its work management solution can be easily integrated into the clients’ current technology ecosystem.
The solution provides an affable user experience that has resulted in a high adoption rate, better access to quality data, and enhanced flexibility in training the new legal team members. The legal department executives can easily view any content pertaining to a case through a simple keyword search. This proves immensely valuable in cases where outside entities are involved.

The Legal Request functionality of the solution allows a user to save any document related to a legal matter and set authorization parameters to access the files securely at any time with ease. Through better categorization of the stored content, SimpleLegal enables users to tag all documents pertaining to a single matter and retrieve the files with one click. In addition to the automation of administrative operations and key performance insight analytics, SimpleLegal allows users to create budget reports to keep costs in check.

To deliver a better user experience, SimpleLegal has a dedicated professional services team that utilizes a thorough methodology developed by some of the top technology and law experts and technologists in the legal industry. A member of SimpleLegal’s professional services visits client’s office to plan a data migration and build the system structure based on the requirements. Post-implementation, users are educated on the proper utilization of the solution and the operability is then transferred to the client’s legal team. In addition, the legal tech firm also provides online support for any additional needs that clients may have in ensuring successful legal proceedings. SimpleLegal enables immediate attention to an incident with its live chat service that allows direct connection to a support agent. To augment the value of its omnichannel customer support system, the company has plans to incorporate in-app guidance within its solution. “We want to hand-hold our customers and walk them in the right direction for any issues they come across in legal management,” comments Iyer. As the solution does most of the heavy lifting such as indexing, labeling, and tagging documents accurately, users can easily complete their tasks and focus more on value-added activities that improve the overall outcomes.

Moving forward, SimpleLegal aims to continue its progress in improving communication channels between legal teams and other departments in an enterprise. The legal tech provider is developing a method to eliminate operational overhead work for lawyers. “Our moon-shot goal is to eliminate a manual-line-item invoice review, and we are close to adding new digital components for the same in our solution,” concludes Wenzel.


Mountain View, CA

Nathan Wenzel, Co-Founder and Shri Iyer, VP of Product

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