SimpleSoluShunz: Solutions for Seamless Master Data Management

Dieter Gleason, CEO & Founder
Over the last few decades, IT landscape has witnessed the growth of complex arrays of systems, applications, and technologies. However, this transformation and fragmentation has invited several problems relating to master data and its management, costing organizations nearly billions of dollars every year. Solutions and tools that enable seamless Master Data Management (MDM) emerge as an answer to this problem with its ability to manage and address enterprise data quality on the operational side of the business. Nevertheless, organizations using Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) systems often face the complexity of data inconsistencies across applications and also need to comply with the Sarbanes Oxley act for reflecting any change in the master data. With the goal to eliminate these adversities, SimpleSoluShunz provides a client-centric MDM solution, which acts as a central repository for organizations’ master data.

The firm’s solutions are created keeping in mind the repetitive sets of EPM systems that many multinational organizations encounter due to frequent merging and taking over of competitors. “SimpleSoluShunz’ tailored implementation approach for its clients helps blend their business experience with the company’s product and system knowledge. This attribute has been the cornerstone of our success,” says Dieter Gleason, CEO and Founder, SimpleSoluShunz. Headquartered in Florida, U.S., SimpleSoluShunz’ range of business solutions help optimize a company’s prowess to plan, report, analyze, and make decisions in both domestic and international arenas. The company specializes in the design and deployment of Oracle’s ‘Data Relationship Management’.

Additionally, SimpleSoluShunz has also etched out a distinct repute in the industry with its service offerings for workflow enablement, data governance, and master data management application review. Owing to the vast capabilities and immense functionalities of its solutions, clients from various sectors have witnessed remarkable outcomes in their business. The world’s largest food processing and commodities trading enterprise was looking to consolidate transactions of over 40 general ledger systems from various acquisitions they made and report those results to the market in a timely and consistent manner.

SimpleSoluShunz’ tailored implementation approach for its clients helps blend their business experience with the company’s product and system knowledge

“SimpleSoluShunz was engaged to design and develop a master data solution to manage data from the transaction to consolidation systems for reporting,” recalls Gleason. This ensured that the data from transaction systems were loaded in an automated fashion whilst minimizing human error and providing transparency between source general ledgers and consolidated financials.

In one instance, Yum! Brands, one of the world’s largest restaurant companies with prestigious licensed brand names such as Taco Bell, KFC, Pizza Hut, and WingStreet approached SimpleSoluShunz to iron out inaccuracies in their financial reporting as well as address their MDM and governance strategy. Each brand of the company was offered a solution that was tailored to fit according to their respective region’s financial requirements. Additionally, SimpleSoluShunz also developed a governance strategy leveraging and assuring the customer’s governance process is enforced and seamlessly captured.

The proven guidelines of the company guarantee a consistent approach, common language, and repeatable processes from project to project and client to client. Its team of experts are focused on this established and proven process that aims at collaborating with the customers at a level that is most appropriate for meeting the prerequisites. “SimpleSoluShunz’ track record of consistent success and zero failed implementations speaks for itself. Organizations look at our solutions almost like purchasing an insurance policy,” states Gleason.

Talking about the future endeavors, Gleason remarks, “We continue to develop the firm’s team of experts trained in our methodologies to accommodate the ever-increasing demand for our services.”


Boca Raton, FL

Dieter Gleason, CEO & Founder

Provides solutions for Master Data Management, Workflow Enablement, Data Governance, and DRM Design and Implementation