Simplicity Health Systems: Revolutionizing Healthcare with Simplicity

Chad Zerangue, President & CEO
Simplicity is a virtue anywhere and in anything. But if ever something cried out for it, it would have to be healthcare technology—a complex web that challenges the best and brightest. Consider scores of different technologies ranging from the simple handwritten note and fax to electronic documents. For good measure, throw into the mix security, confidentiality, privacy and compliance.

Chad Zerangue’s Simplicity Health Systems seeks to simply live up to its name. Guiding him on this path has been profound wisdom he picked up from Paulo Coelho’s influential book, The Alchemist. “When you set out to change the world, have a vision of where you think you want to go; and enjoy the journey. We endeavor to build a culture at Simplicity that is based upon these two basic concepts,” says Zerangue, President &CEO, Simplicity— whose flagship platform, The Connector, has set new standards for healthcare IT.

The Connector is a secure, phase 2 HIPAA-compliant platform for health information organizations to freely, and seamlessly, exchange data with other health information organizations. Providers can share and receive patient information, Accountable Care Organizations (ACO) data, population health data and much more, literally, at the push of a button.

The other key piece of Simplicity’s system is docflock, a service running on The Connector. Think of docflock as a replacement for bidirectional interfaces, one that can automate several processes, saving significant time and money. For example, using docflock’s clinical documentation engine, Simplicity designed an “Intake Form” that allows customer service reps to receive an order as a fax, label that order with basic metadata or tags, launch it as an intake form and route it across the organization for monitoring and time tracking.

“Our business started with the idea of providing simple ways to get data in and out of health information systems. Simplicity has since evolved, leveraging the idea of data interoperability, into being a ubiquitous communication network,” says Zerangue, a veteran of the ECM industry.

docflock eliminates the restrictions in communication by translating and transmitting information so that it can be consumed in the right format

“Our goal is to allow any number of authorized users to communicate with any other users in any format and under virtually any conditions. docflock eliminates the restrictions in communication for our customers by translating and transmitting information so that it can be consumed in the right format.”

Simplicity has developed an approach that leverages big data concepts into the healthcare IT arena in a way that allows organizations of all sizes to take advantage of current technologies better suited to manage unstructured and/or non-standard health information content. This approach has also given Simplicity a novel opportunity to build-in interoperability between health organizations to model these relationships without requiring rigid rules that traditional health IT systems enforce.

Zerangue considers health information exchange as “more important than ever” because of the changing economics and tremendous amount of vertical integration. Simplicity’s target is the small- to medium-sized healthcare business with revenue of $250 million or less. Its SaaS model is a boon to many, making advanced healthcare IT affordable and helping them avoid upfront costs as much as $500,000 for rival enterprise-wide systems.

Founded in 2009, Simplicity has experienced rapid and sustained growth and is on course to tripling its business this year. It also became the first healthcare IT company to join the Centurylink Cloud Marketplace, a platform for cloud-based delivery. Early in 2017, the company expects to announce several exciting partnerships and a national sales channel.

Simplicity Health Systems

Southlake, TX

Chad Zerangue, President & CEO

Delivers simple ways for health organizations to easily share information both internally and externally

Simplicity Health Systems