Simplifeye: Transforming Communication Technology in Healthcare

Zach Hungate, Co-Founder & CEO
With the rapidly growing patient population and health ailments, doctors and caregivers in the time-constrained environment of medicine are struggling with inefficient and unsecure communication portals. Most individual practices haven’t updated to secure healthcare communication technology and have created a major communication gap as caregivers have to consult their desktop-based systems for information between busy schedules. Thus, as a result, a patient’s visit to the clinic becomes a prolonged process. To bridge this gap, Simplifeye, a foremost expert in providing mobile solutions, designed a suite of communication and workflow products for healthcare teams to work more efficiently, deliver higher quality care, and create a better patient experience.

“Our technology not only makes it easy to bring smart devices into the healthcare practice but it also improves the practice itself by doing so,” explains Zach Hungate, CEO and Co-founder, Simplifeye. In compliance with the HIPAA Act, the Simplifeye app provides encryption of patient medical information for different operating systems regardless of the device being used. The suite of solutions provided by Simplifeye can be integrated with Apple Watch, iPhone, iPad, and even desktop computers. The app allows the administration to choose and give permission to other employees for accessing patient data, as well as tailor the security specific settings to the customer’s requirements. Simplifeye provides an easy and swift installation process, and hospitals or practices with multiple locations can integrate with one system and then slowly implement to the other locations. The Simplifeye system can also be used in different geo-locations to share medical data securely, within seconds. The ability of Simplifeye’s technology to send medical files of up to one GB in size means it can be readily shared to other types of health information such as radiology images, or EKGs.

To simplify the onboarding process, Simplifeye provides assistance depending on the size of the staff—an account manager is provided to train the practitioners either with guides on the location for large locations or virtually for small ones. Moreover, Simplifeye’s system integrates with the electronic medical record (EMR) system as well as the practice management system.

Our technology not only makes it easy to bring smart devices into the healthcare practice but it also improves the practice itself by doing so

This integration feature helps raise alerts in the form of smart messages to doctors regarding a patient’s location in the care facility as well as provides patient information such as allergies, conditions, immunizations, medications, procedures and vitals, and Simplifeye’s apps always have the most up-to-date data.

Hungate explains that they cater to one of the most important questions in the healthcare sector—‘what does the healthcare office of future look like?’ Simplifeye’s answer is integrating essential healthcare information in any smart device or computer, so that healthcare teams can access health records and data right when they need them. Clinicians and care teams leverage the products to collaborate with one another and deliver a better patient experience.

Hungate shares an interesting anecdote wherein, doctors needed to transfer a patient from a hospital in North Carolina to New York during the course of the patient’s care. When the patient’s information needed to be transferred, the New York care team was unable to get full access to the patient’s medical records due to the difference in electronic medical record systems Epic and Cerner. Using the Simplifeye product, the North Carolina team was able to quickly share medical records and images to the New York team.

Going forward Simplifeye is about to set a novel enterprise market paradigm by partnering with Apple Inc. to further develop the platform to enable healthcare organizations to securely reach out to patients with their health record data. “We are building technology that provides transparency to patients by giving them better access to their medical records,” concludes Hungate.


New York, NY

Zach Hungate, Co-Founder & CEO

Provides communication suite and access to medical records for healthcare teams and patients