SimpliVity: Data Virtualization Powering Hyperconverged Infrastucture

Doron Kempel, CEO
In a post-virtualization data center, data needs to be treated differently. A top-down and VM-centric approach replaces the bottom-up hardware-centric management paradigm common with legacy infrastructure. Hyperconverged modular appliances that offer rapid deployment and scalability form the foundation for VMware applications. Herein steps SimpliVity, a firm which specializes in delivering enterprise-class performance, protection, and resiliency with cloud economics. SimpliVity hyperconverges all IT infrastructure and services on software-defined building blocks. “Through a single management interface, you can easily manage aggregate resources and virtual machines within and across data centers,” says Doron Kempel, CEO, SimpliVity.
SimpliVity streamlines operations with a VM-centric management model that eliminates the burden of managing the infrastructure at the individual component level. The company’s product portfolio for data center transformation includes OmniStack and OmniCube.

OmniStack Data Virtualization Platform is the core technology powering SimpliVity’s hyperconverged infrastructure. It solves the data mobility challenges by transferring de-duplicated and compressed data, globally. “The day-to-day management of OmniStack is achieved by integrating with native VMware tools,” states Kempel. SimpliVity serves IT to improve efficiency and agility, and mitigate risk, all the while delivering three-fold Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) savings.

Moving forward, SimpliVity continues to evolve, revolutionizing data centers. The company plans to achieve full lifecycle management for virtual machines through its OmniStack and OmniCube product portfolios.

SimpliVity Corporation

Westborough, MA

Doron Kempel, CEO

Provides hyperconverged IT infrastructure and services on software-defined building blocks