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Bernard Charles, Vice Chairman & CEO Today, the world has become a high functioning wagon with human innovation at its core. Every day, advanced science comes up with a brand new marvel to astound the mass and announce its unending potential to curb existing limitations of the practical world. As modern manufacturing is accredited as the backbone of this innovation, system simulation is emerging as a key differentiator among different other aspects of manufacturing whose benefaction is unmatched and is significantly the driving force of fast-paced innovation that is witnessed today. From electrification to sustainability to communications and livable cities, simulation is the bridge between virtual and practical realms of all manufacturing and construction. Moreover, venturing beyond the riffs of traditional manufacturing, modern simulation has evolved to form a more holistic approach by dwelling into the domains of Electromagnetics, Material Science, Fluids, Structures, Multi-body Simulation, and other technologies. Spearheading this integration is SIMULIA, a Dassault Systems’ Product.

Innovation Powered by Simulation

Powered by Dassault’s 3D EXPERIENCE platform and working in coalition with other Dassault Systems brands including CATIA, DELMIA, and BIOVIA, SIMULIA delivers realistic simulation applications that enable users to explore real-world behavior of product, nature, and life. With the portfolio of SIMULIA technology, manufacturers around the world today can enhance their design process through advantages of multi-body analysis, and conceptual optimization tools, enabling them to solve problems easily with detailed design analysis and optimization. The solution allows them to leverage fatigue and durability analysis to not only predict but most importantly extend the lifetime of their manufacturing components, then accelerate their proven workflows with automation tools scale and repeat engineering and business successes.


The SIMULIA portfolio comes in three distinguished disciplines segregated as Application engineering, multi-physics multi-scale and Simulation Data Science. The Application Engineering provides Simulation value for product engineers and designers who need application-focused solutions. It provides them with roles to utilize simulation throughout their daily product design activities. Simulation technology covers structures, fluids, plastic injection molding, acoustics, and structural applications. The right capability is delivered in an application context with guided access for occasional users to allow the simulation to drive design and power innovation within product teams.

Application Engineering in SIMULIA offers the users to access the value of simulation On-Premise or On Cloud in a user experience that provides just what they need while speaking their language.

With the portfolio of SIMULIA technology, manufacturers around the world today can enhance their design process

Users can simulate using the design geometry itself within a designer environment which is fully integrated with PLM and CAD. As simulation tasks and attributes are linked to the design, simulation updates are easy to execute when the underlying design changes. The users get immediate access to computation with embedded licenses in Roles for Designers and Engineers. In addition to that, the complete plastic injection molding solution is also integrated with CATIA.

The Multi-physics-Multiscale discipline of SIMULIA offers a complete state of the art physics simulation technology that is integrated and managed on the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform. The Discipline delivers powerful simulation of structures, fluids, multi-body and electromagnetics scenarios including complex assemblies directly linked with the product data. The modeling, simulation, and visualization technologies are completely integrated on the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform, including capture, publication, and re-use. In addition, the value of the customer’s existing investment in simulation horsepower is maximized by allowing simulation data, results, and IP to connect to the platform and become true corporate assets that power innovation for all users.

The Multiphysics Multiscale enables users to assemble complex models collaboratively with colleagues around the world. It also offers best-in-class high-performance visualization that can power interpretation and communication of result without download of large result files. With rule-based batch modeling, meshing, and interconnections, the user can easily accelerate the efficiency of modeling and reduce re-work.

Through the disciplines of Simulation Data Science, the users get the benefit of analytics, access to simulation value and re-use of best practices to support better decisions. All the platform users can benefit from the value of simulation by utilizing the capabilities in the simulation data science discipline taking Simulation Process & Data Management (SPDM) to the next level. Powerful results analytics allows users to use simulation results to inform decision making. The democratization of simulation results and re-use of simulation methods is enabled through dashboard access to a company’s library of published methods and best-practices.

With simulation analytics, simulation knowledge and its value become available for all platform users. The Simulation data science enables the user to capture and share methods with others and publish their best-practices to democratize and communicate their work. Users can access their corporate library of simulation best-practices and standards. In addition, they can also explore and understand the entire design space using modern simulation results analytics to process large data sets.
A Vast Market Base

Commanding a broad market, SIMULIA solutions influence several industrial domains including Aerospace & Defense, Construction & Architecture, Home & Lifestyle, Retail, Energy & Materials, High-tech, life-sciences, Marine & Offshore, and Transportation and Mobility.

The manufactures and the suppliers in the Aerospace & Defense industry use SIMULIA solutions as part of their integrated development environment to evaluate design alternative collaborate on projects and leverage computing resources for more efficient analysis. Simulation is also known to be widely used in the construction vertical, where architects and developers are often faced with the challenges of performing under severe operational constraints, besides other regulatory challenges. Through simulation they are effectively able to optimize productivity and resource allocation. SIMULIA solutions are also very effective in the home & lifestyle area where they are known to troubleshoot potential design problems before beginning to make prototypes thus saving significant amounts of money on the manufacturers’ end. Using realistic solutions from SIMULIA to evaluate design alternatives, manufacturers and suppliers come together to collaborate on projects and leverage computing resources for more efficient design analysis.

SIMULIA solutions also enable in accurately predicting complex real-world behaviors. This includes strength and deformation in large structures, equipment linear and non-linear analysis, and the impact of thermal loads, fracture and failure. The SIMULIA electronic simulation software solution enables high-tech and electronic companies to standardize the simulation for drop testing, packaging, and lifecycle prediction. Moreover, the SIMULIA product suite is also significantly useful for life-sciences. It contains a wide variety of materials, procedures and load types to simulate the human body, medical equipment and the manner in which it is used.

The Testament of Success

With a multitude of use-cases, SIMULIA brings a myriad of applications for the manufactures around the world. Recently, the simulation solution helped DT HiLoad – a leading dump truck tray manufacturer. The client needed to design custom trays that would provide continuous transition of stiffness throughout their tray and endure under varying loads and strains. Realistic simulation with Abacus FEA from SIMULIA and Dassault Systems’ 3DEXPERIENCE application, enabled DT HiLoad to ensure optimum tray performance for each custom application. By using Abacus DT HiLoad was able to reduce truck weight by 50 percent. The company was able to significantly cut fuel costs, fatigue, loads and the tray and most importantly was able to increase the payloads that their trucks could carry.

"SIMULIA solutions also enable in accurately predicting complex real-world behaviors"

Coming far into mainstream manufacturing, simulation is set to define newer dynamics of the industry. As more technologies emerge from the abyss, simulation is expected to grow and evolve into a bigger and more influential tool in manufacturing. Growing along this curve is SIMULIA as the solution transitions into the next generation of manufacturing.


Waltham, MA

Bernard Charles, Vice Chairman & CEO

Powered by the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform, SIMULIA delivers realistic simulation applications that enable users to explore real-world behavior of product, nature and life