Singlewire: Centralized Network Notifications for Emergencies

Paul Shain, CEO
A stable emergency notification system has always been an important aspect for organizations in order to provide an efficient notification process connecting multiple locations. Enterprises across several industries face difficulties in notifying their workforce during emergencies. For instance, Kentucky Community and Technical College System’s (KCTCS) unstable notification system often failed in informing its students in case of a natural disaster or any other emergency situation. After implementing the Singlewire InformaCast Solution as part of its Statewide Emergency Notification System, KCTCS could quickly reach out to both on and off campus students. Headquartered in Madison, WI, Singlewire aims at enhancing voice application systems to deliver fast, secure, and reliable mass notification capabilities. “Our customers often face difficulty in sending notification to groups in case of events triggered by remote sensors within their organization,” says Paul Shain, CEO, Singlewire. By leveraging Singlewire’s solutions, companies can instantly contact employees across their organization through IP phones and speakers, legacy paging systems, desktops, text messages, and emails to notify about any adversity.

Singlewire has successfully served several industries like education, healthcare, and communications, with its innovative multi-channel notification system. Singlewire’s flagship product, InformaCast helps customers transform Cisco phones, overhead speakers, and other devices into a much powerful IP paging and emergency notification system, enabling organizations to provide rapid texts and audio notifications to a variety of endpoints. “Being a developer of network-centric notification software, Singlewire has successfully developed several applications InformaCast, PushToTalk, InformaCast Basic Paging, InformaCast Advanced Notification, and InformaCast Mobile—for Cisco IP Phones,” states Shain.

The InformaCast network-based emergency notification, and IP phone paging system enables users to send messages to unlimited number of desktops, overhead paging systems, Cisco IP phones, digital signage, social media sites and more. On the other hand, the InformaCast’s Mobile—a stand-alone cloud-based broadcast mobile solution—and InformaCast Advanced Notification allows organization to send and receive notifications via their iOS or Android mobile devices.
These services streamline mass notification systems and enable organizations to quickly reach their people, anytime, anywhere,” says Shain. Messages delivered by Singlewire’s InformaCast are not only restricted to people on the premises, but are also available to those who are away from campus.

In addition, Singlewire PushToTalk, a part of InformaCast Advanced Notification, enables organizations to facilitate quick, easy, immediate, and efficient communication with multiple parties. “PushToTalk enhances communication abilities through hands-free intercom functionality—it is a walkie-talkie designed mainly for Cisco 7921, 7925, and 7926 phones, but also works with most Cisco IP desk phones,” explains Shain. Organizations adopting PushToTalk can reduce dependency on cellular walkie-talkie plans during an emergency and improve communication and productivity within the enterprise.

Singlewire software has successfully developed several applications for Cisco IP Phones for emergency communication and IP paging

Being a preferred solution developer in the Cisco Developer Network, Singlewire has recently released InformaCast Basic Paging, which delivers phone-to-phone live audio paging for all Cisco Unified Communication Manager (CUCM) users with the aim of sending messages to a maximum of 50 Cisco IP phones simultaneously. The solution helps Singlewire customers to send free audio emergency announcements to everyone within an organization.

Singlewire recently upgraded its InformaCast Mobile with a new dialing feature that enables customers to interact with one another via push notifications, text messages, or calls. Moving forward, the company is keen on serving industries such as healthcare, education, manufacturing, and retail to provide a stable notification system that empowers enterprises to reach people in seconds.


Madison, WI

Paul Shain, CEO

Software developer for innovative voice applications centered around secure, fast, and reliable mass notification capabilities.