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Jennifer Mesiano, President
Singular Consulting Services opened its doors in July 2016, but its young age hasn’t compromised the company’s ability to make a significant impact on its customers. This impact is the result of a client-centric work culture that President Jennifer Mesiano says is the backbone of the company. “Our core value is customer advocacy,” says Mesiano. “I try to put that out there through leadership, integrity, and just being that sounding board for the customer, as well as giving them advice on how to proceed with an issue they are trying to solve.”

Mesiano has positioned her company to be one that effectively mitigates the challenges of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) integration and implementation. This success can be attributed to Mesiano’s experience in the industry as an Epicor customer who later became a senior-level Epicor consultant who managed numerous implementations.

However, Mesiano, a people person and an ERP professional who had seen great success in her years as a consultant, felt that there was something missing.

This feeling and observation led to a vision that would better complete the offerings that customers received through these consulting services. This led Mesiano to create a company that filled in those gaps by not only providing implementation consulting services for Epicor ERP software, but also helping with other ERP programs and serving as a customer advocate.

The basis for being an advocate stems from the challenges that exist within the ERP landscape, which range from software selection to finding qualified employees to run the ERP system. “There are thousands of flavors to choose from and you have to put a lot of thought into how to choose the software,” Mesiano said.

Although Epicor Consulting is Singular’s wheelhouse, Mesiano and her staff understand that many systems out there may be a better fit based on customer situation.

There are thousands of ERP flavors to choose from and you have to put a lot of thought into how to choose the software

“The first thing we do is conduct a business analysis activity so we can understand where the customer is at and what they are trying to accomplish. After the ERP software selection is complete, we engage in a Business Process Review that articulates the details of their process and then put together a recommended project plan.”

She further elaborates on the challenges companies have when finding experienced people to hire as their workhorses to maintain the ERP system. She says, “Good ERP analysts are hard to come by, and they come at a premium.” This is why Singular Consulting Services helps companies find qualified and experienced individuals to help them with that need to successfully operate their systems in-house.

As for the types of companies that Singular Consulting Services work with, they have a high concentration in the oil and gas industries, medical devices, as well as branding-type companies like sign manufacturers. However, Mesiano states, “We’ll handle anything that’s related to manufacturing, distribution, as well as project management.” This goes hand in hand with the company’s impeccable work ethic.

In regards to the future, the company is already looking at expansion. Its location in Texas has enabled it to work with the middle states, with some outliers on the East and West Coast, but the company is looking forward to expanding it’s services to more customers in these areas and Latin America.” This makes Singular Consulting Services a company to watch closely in the coming months and years.

Singular Consulting Services

San Antonio, TX

Jennifer Mesiano, President

Singular Consulting Services offers a wide variety of Epicor consulting services adding value to client organizations through knowledge and advocacy

Singular Consulting Services