Sintan: Enhancing Commercial Operations for Pharmaceutical Industry

Jean-Paul Modde, Founding Partner & CEO
Our business focus is all about providing our clients with knowledge driven solutions. We analyze, identify, and understand our clients’ needs and provide a practical and cost-effective solution to drive revenue or cost containment,” says Jean-Paul Modde, Founding Partner and CEO, Sintan. As a part of analyzing the market challenges in the pharmaceutical industry, Modde points out that the companies are now struggling with the integration of legacy or disparate systems and associated data sources. “Most pharma companies already have more than enough data from various sources, but its proper and consistent use across the organization is still poor.” Lebanon, NJ-based Sintan focuses on providing a fully integrated suite of commercial solutions to small and mid-size pharma companies that were typically using non-integrated tools like Microsoft Excel to manage and deliver datasets throughout the organization. The suite allows companies to share information across their organization at a low total cost of ownership.

The suite components include a pre-built Data Warehouse with all the datasets used by pharma commercial teams, CRM system, Contract management system, Virtual meetings, Aggregate spend repository, Chargeback recovery system, and a complete set of analytics for all levels within the organization. “We have developed all of our applications using cloud and mobile technologies to allow greater access and use of the company’s information resources,” notes Modde.

To reduce the downward pressures on drug pricing, the company offers solutions and services that are targeted towards streamlining and improving commercial operations. Sintan’s solution can be easily configured or customized to business requirements and can be adapted at a fraction of the cost of alternative solutions. “Our Virtual Meeting solution enables network connectivity, transparency and efficient transfer of information. It allows sales reps in the field or inside sales staff at head office to facilitate video meetings for simultaneous discussion and presentation of approved content with healthcare professionals,” says Modde.

We have developed all of our applications using cloud and mobile technologies to allow greater access and use of the company’s information resources

Fully integrated into the CRM solution, it automatically records the key elements of the interaction within the healthcare professional’s contact history.

Highlighting a case study, Recordati Rare Disease (RRD)—a pharmaceutical company approached Sintan to implement a CRM system to replace their current excel spreadsheet processes. Within a few weeks the solution was delivered, together with a data warehouse and sales demand data integrated from their specialty distributors. RRD was so impressed with the immediate benefit the solution delivered, that they systemically began to replace other excel based processes with additional Sintan solutions, including a suite of analytics and dashboard reports for RRD’s management, a company-wide budget and forecasting system, and the integration of data feeds from their co-promotion partners and outbound tele-marketers. All information is now stored in the data-warehouse, giving everyone in the organization access to “one version of the truth” and a complete picture of all communication channels.

Going forward, the firm is building an order-to-cash system for their new clients that will integrate with the data warehouse, CRM, sales analysis, contract management, and analytics solutions. This order-to-cash system will also integrate with selected specialty distributors and finance systems. “We have also expanded our support services offering to include general IT support services,” concludes Modde.


Lebanon, NJ

Jean-Paul Modde, Founding Partner & CEO

Delivers a fully integrated suite of tools for specialty pharmaceutical and device manufacturing companies