SiOM Systems: Delivering Reliable and Convenient PLM Solutions

Yogesh Fegade, Chief Solution Architect & Owner
Yogesh Fegade, Chief Solution Architect and Owner, SiOM Systems, has more than 20 years of experience in developing, managing and delivering PLM implementations, system integrations and process automation solutions for a wide range of industries including Aerospace, Oil & Gas, Defense, Consumer Products and Heavy Machinery. He attributes his expertise to some of the biggest PLM names such as Siemens where he was involved in Teamcenter, gaining in depth knowledge of Teamcenter and how PLM systems work. Fegade realized that the PLM concept is very widespread having the same approach across multiple products but the essential end is the way PLM is implemented and data exchange policies are defi ned. Capturing the experiences of PLM environments from different companies, clients and products, Fegade decided to start his own company, SiOM Systems.

SiOM Systems specializes in delivering high quality solutions and support to the Teamcenter and NX community. “At SiOM Systems, we provide PLM solutions including customization and implementation,” adds Fegade. The company assists in integration with other systems, troubleshooting, database tuning, implementation, change management implementation, process automation, report generation, and transfer of this information to ERP systems.

To optimize the user experience and product quality, SiOM systems provides support for Teamcenter, CAD integration and other related services, and offers their flagship products called notification handlers. These products deals with the email notifications required for effective communication to users, vendors, and customers in typical engineering processes like generating reports, design approvals, change management, etc. Task Notification is one such notification handler that improves the quality and effectiveness of workflow notifications by giving interested parties dynamic information about the state of their data in the process of approval or automation. It also allows administrators to create their own email templates so that notifications are relevant and informative for various activities during workflow processes. Further, their notification handlers are highly configurable without any code changes. They are completely user configurable.

Customers come to SiOM Systems as the company either coordinates their tasks or provides solutions in handling multiple tasks instead of approaching bigger companies whose attention is distributed between database, hardware and implementations.

Customers look at us as a one stop shop for all PLM solutions

“In the import-export area, we have a plug and play export module for pulling data out of Teamcenter in whatever format the user needs, and a corresponding import module for getting data from other systems into Teamcenter and managing appropriate data relations,” states Fegade. Configurable adapters developed for exporting and importing data bypass or hide the integration process complexity from the customer’s point of view.

SiOM Systems recently assisted one of its clients from the oil and gas industry. Previously, when users received an email notification from a workflow process, they could only see basic information regarding a job to be done or document to be reviewed beyond this, they had very little input regarding the document or its priority. Using the company’s notification handler, users realized the tremendous benefits of viewing this information in the inbox rather than opening a Teamcenter session. Now, looking at the information generated by the handler they can prioritize their tasks. Also, the content of communications going to their clients and their vendors is vastly improved.

“Within my company innovation is a constant phenomenon,” says Fegade. Many customers want to use solutions right out of the box and refuse to engage in customization that would be difficult to maintain. They don’t realize that this is not “one solution fits all”. “We undertake customization of generic solutions which are highly configurable. We ensure they meet the customers requirements while focusing on the ‘end-user experience’ that defines the success of the product and solution,” adds Fegade.

The company keeps itself well informed about the PLM industry roadmap particularly Teamcenter, testing its new versions and actively engaging in PLM user forums. Moving forward, SiOM is working to develop hand held device interfaces to access PLM data. “There are couple of products in the pipeline involving dash-boarding,” concludes Fegade.

SiOM Systems

Texas, U.S.

Yogesh Fegade, Chief Solution Architect & Owner

Delivers high quality solutions and support to the Teamcenter and NX community.