SiteCompli: Innovatively Transforming the Real Estate Compliance Space

Ross Goldenberg, Co-founder
Real estate compliance used to be synonymous with “paperwork”—loads of it. For years, the closest it came to embracing technology was with the fax machine. That was when Ross Goldenberg and Jason Griffith—graduates of Columbia Business School—stepped in with SiteCompli, revolutionizing the real estate compliance landscape through personalized solutions.

“Back in 2008, we saw real estate as an industry that had largely been untouched by serious technological innovation,” says Goldenberg, who previously worked for Kraft Foods, a U.S. based manufacturing and processing conglomerate. “We both knew that there had to be a way to bring technology and automation together to help real estate organizations stay in compliance with government regulations.”

Today, SiteCompli’s Compliance Automation Technology (CAT) is used by organizations to manage over 2 billion square feet across real estate, retail, government, and healthcare verticals. Their clients include Apple, Whole Foods, HSBC, CVS, T-Mobile, H&M, Petco and Citibank. Clients use CAT software to ensure that critical compliance issues related to their retail assets and equipment don’t fall through the cracks. “The alternative? Store shutdowns, escalating fines, and potential huge PR nightmares,” points out Griffith, who previously worked for Booz & Co. and co-founded Tripology, an interactive travel referral service provider.

Complementing CAT is SiteCompli Retail. While CAT merges asset management and protection, people training and workflow, and data and analytics to create a single system that protects retailers and their brand, SiteCompli Retail is changing the way retailers handle critical compliance issues-violations, fines, permit expirations, and more.

SiteCompli’s appeal is simple. From permits, inspections, and certifications, to fines, hearings, and violations, compliance costs a lot of money besides posing risks to brand integrity.
Jason Griffith, Co-founder
“In today’s unprecedented regulatory environment, real estate compliance is viewed with increasing degree of seriousness and scrutiny by the C-suite,” notes Goldenberg.

“A New York client that owns and manages over 8,000 housing units in the city was able to reduce their violations and penalties by more than 60 percent using SiteCompli’s software,” says Griffith.

SiteCompli has also built up a nationwide database of expertise on local laws. “We’ve invested deeply on our infrastructure, security, and accuracy of our data. We have an amazing team of developers creating innovative products, but we also have a Data Insights team that’s specifically dedicated to researching and breaking down the nuances of local laws and how they need to be handled,” explains Goldenberg.

SiteCompli is built with innovation as the centerpiece, and plans to build on it and use it as a competitive tool. “In fact, we believe in it so completely that we have a VP of Product Innovation, Jack Wurtzel, who brings tremendous passion for problem-solving to his role at the firm,” says Goldenberg. “Jack spends his days speaking with the industry leaders, coordinating conceptual software development aimed at rapid prototyping and testing, and encouraging and evangelizing that innovation internally and externally. Making that commitment has paid huge dividends for the company and our customers.”

So, what’s the secret sauce? “We’ve got a saying here at SiteCompli—‘we’re all on this boat together.’ It’s meant to encompass not just that we need to be aligned and rowing in the same direction, but also that no one wants to spend a bunch of time in a boat with a jerk,” smiles Griffith. “We’re a team of passionate, hard-working individuals. We depend on each other to deliver quality work and we make sure we’re all pulling the oars as hard as we can.”


New York, NY

Ross Goldenberg, Co-founder and Jason Griffith, Co-founder

Provides Compliance Automation Technology (CAT) and SiteCompli Retail to monitor government data, manage business licenses, violations, complaints and fines