SiTel: Transforming Customer Engagement Globally

Morris W. Applewhite, SVP - Industry Group Leader
Digitization, cost reduction and compliance/risk management are top priorities for the insurance industry today. Digital transformation has become imperative in today’s insurance landscape and the financial services sector in general, as customers like to conduct business and receive services on their own terms and timeframes. “SiTel provides customer experience management solutions on a global scale that support an insurer’s march toward digitization,” says Morris W. Applewhite, SVP Industry Group Leader, SiTel. Nashville, TN based SiTel provides the people, processes and technology elements to deliver exceptional customer experiences across channels—traditional voice and email, social, web, SMS and chat on behalf of clients.

“Our solutions support the aggressive revenue growth goals of clients while improving efficiency to reduce costs,” states Applewhite. The company makes investments and scales them over multiple customer implementations, thereby making their solutions cost-effective. Applewhite and his team lay special emphasis on the client’s need to mitigate risk and comply with regulatory requirements in the delivery of their services. “We have a structured and disciplined Global Operating System that underpins our provision of services to ensure consistency and regulatory compliance,” assures Applewhite.

For decades now, the insurance industry has run on visible, in-house and structured data such as customer information on the policy form, historical behavior and trends. SiTel employs new-age technologies in their solutions wherein a client can better manage data, be it unstructured data from within the enterprise or beyond. SiTel Insight Services, for instance, leverages data collected from Interactive Voice Response (IVR), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), voice, digital channels and survey analytics. “This provides us greater insights to be more proactive in the services we provide to our clients,” says Applewhite. The aggregation of data from multiple sources allows for a more comprehensive, in-depth and holistic view of customer preferences and habits. This information can be used to better service the customer and cross-sell by suggesting additional products that could add value to the customer.

Our technology and infrastructure supporting the majority of our contact center sites is fully PCI compliant

“Most importantly, aggregation aids improved fraud detection,” asserts Applewhite. “Analytics can help place the disparate pieces together to identify patterns at the beginning of the claim life cycle to protect insurers against fraud.”

SiTel offers licensed and non-licensed live agent solutions for property and casualty as well as life and health. Also, the company has been deploying Work-at-Home (W@H) solutions to clients for nearly a decade. “We have nearly 5,000 W@H agents providing services in multiple market sectors including Insurance,” states Applewhite. “Our technology and infrastructure supporting the majority of our contact center sites is fully PCI compliant and extends to our W@H environment.”

In one instance, a client needed to quickly and cost-effectively expand its customer support organization for members. SiTel duly provided a licensed and non-licensed (property and casualty) live agent solution from multiple SiTel customer experience management sites. “We delivered a comprehensive technology and infrastructure solution to sup¬port this operation including desktop applications, data and voice technology, all within a secured environment,” prides Applewhite. Our SiTel associates are supporting the client, handling everything from B2B/B2C customer service, billing and claims to consumer lending, consumer pre and post sales for banking, auto and property insurance. SiTel has ensured that the appropriate security and compliance controls are in place to meet regulatory requirements. As a result, the client outpaced customer satisfaction, elevating its brand and driving market differentiation, which has led to satisfied customers that continue to enjoy world-class customer experience.

Moving forward, SiTel is focused on consistent operational execution, innovation, customer retention and targeted growth. “We will continue to in¬vest in broadening our expertise and capabilities to become the provider of choice in the Banking, Financial Services and Insurance landscape,” concludes Applewhite.


Morris W. Applewhite, SVP - Industry Group Leader

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