SitePro: A No-Code Approach to Remote Fluid Management and Equipment Control

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Dustin Brown, Director of Technology
Operational efficiency is a prerequisite for energy organizations due to the magnitude of complexity and volatility prevalent in the sector. To foster efficiencies, the vast network of infrastructure that characterizes energy companies needs to be under the centralized control and visibility of their C-suite executives to make better operational decisions. Remote visibility and control are also required by field personnel to stay updated on on-site equipment status and take required actions to ensure optimal equipment performance.

While conventional supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) software does offer remote equipment controlling capabilities, it also requires extensive and in-depth programming logic controller (PLC) programming knowledge to operate. This is where SitePro makes a difference with its ground-breaking solution: a modern and comprehensive software that can only be described as the successor to traditional SCADA.

"We're revolutionizing SCADA with our easy-to-use, no-code approach for remote control and monitoring of field equipment," says Dustin Brown, Director of Technology at SitePro.

SitePro's SCADA solution provides users not just remote equipment monitoring capabilities, but also real-time remote equipment control of the infrastructure at oil and gas facilities. This makes the on-site equipment visible and actionable for the users, greatly enhancing upstream and midstream operations in oil and gas segments and easing fluid management operations in saltwater disposal (SWD) systems. SitePro’s platform is also accessible through mobile and web applications, enabling field personnel to gain remote control over the equipment through their digital devices.

By improving operational efficiencies with streamlined on-site equipment control, SitePro significantly reduces energy companies' need to dispatch field personnel in large numbers. Decreasing the number of vehicles driving to and from sites can directly impact and improve a company’s Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) report card, another big win for SitePro’s no-code, remote capabilities.

SitePro provides energy companies access to real-time data and advanced insights into their infrastructure and on-site equipment through its feature-rich data analytics platform. Direct access to real-time data allows users to quickly make more accurate, more informed operations decisions.

Equipped with built-in SCADA and on-site workflow automation, the platform can be effortlessly used by anyone in the organizational chain of command to control field equipment without requiring PLC programming know-how.
With user-friendly configuration tools, SitePro's platform can be easily deployed to collect equipment data through the cloud, gain insights, take control over, and resolve equipment issues in real-time through remote operations. This allows organizations to improve their on-site operations in a cost, time, and resource-effective manner.

Enabling the platform's remote equipment control, data collection, and analytics capabilities are SitePro's edge devices, which are installed by SitePro on client sites. For instance, an energy company that acquired more than 3,000 new sites needed access to real-time metrics from their on-site equipment for regulatory reporting on the fuel burn-off rate, without deploying their limited field staff. In response, SitePro modified its software to run on different edge devices across multiple client sites. Through the devices, SitePro's platform enabled the client to remotely aggregate, track, and gain insights on their equipment data, allowing them to seamlessly generate the requisite regulatory reports.

We're revolutionizing SCADA with our easy-to-use, no-code approach for remote control and monitoring of field equipment

As an added offering, the platform's security and surveillance capabilities allow energy organizations to safeguard their on-site equipment from possible malfunction or damage. To that end, SitePro installs alarm systems and cameras with computer vision for upstream, midstream, and SWD equipment—fully controllable through the platform. To drive greater efficacies, the platform has patented intelligent control mechanisms that account for potential human or equipment errors in on-site operations.

SitePro conducts extensive training sessions to help client teams onboard and operate the platform independently and manage sophisticated site operations with only a few clicks. The company also provides 24/7 customer support to clients, along with field operations support in the form of on-site automation or technical assistance, delivered through in-house field engineers.

SitePro confers immense operational efficiencies to clients, courtesy of its qualified team of data scientists and engineers from diverse backgrounds. Driven by these teams, the company is dedicated to empowering organizations to safely and efficiently handle on-site operations. With a strong commitment to environmental sustainability and leveraging advanced technologies, SitePro will continue to assist organizations in upholding their environmental policies and developing potent ESG programs.


Lubbock, TX

Dustin Brown, Director of Technology

SitePro provides SCADA and on-site workflow automation to enable the remote monitoring, control, and data collection of equipment in the energy, municipal, and agricultural industries. SitePro's no-code data analytics platform allows users to control field equipment without requiring PLC programming know-how.