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Aaron Phillips, President & Co-CEO
According to Aaron Phillips, an expert in the field of Industrial Internet of Things (lloT) and wireless communications, the oil and gas (O&G) industry is a vast ecosystem of organizations that rely on each other to conduct their businesses effectively. Such an environment necessitates an effective medium for the collaboration among field personnel. “To ensure the flow of raw feed-stock continues to move efficiently through the industry, from the wellhead to the refinery, oilfield companies need a holistic system of automated controls and communications at every stage along the Oil and Gas supply chain.” states Phillips. To address this need, Phillips founded SitePro. As the leading digital oilfield and fluid management company, SitePro specializes in delivering automated solutions for both upstream and midstream oil and energy industries throughout the United States. The company’s flagship product is a cloud-based platform that centralizes all the data collected by various sensors and devices from remote sites and facilities, and uses patented remote access control technology. With SitePro, “C-suite level executives can not only track oilfield data but also analyze them and gain advanced operational insights in real-time, which in turn allows them to make the best business decisions and operational changes,” explains Phillips, president and co-CEO of SitePro.

Conventionally, in the oil and gas industry, workflows are based on an automation system that controls and regulates the activities on-site, and a supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) system, which gathers, processes, and monitors data of operations. SitePro uniquely combines the on-site automation and SCADA systems into one comprehensive, end-to-end platform that delivers data from the field to an engineer’s device in real time. In addition, Phillips states, “We designed the platform with scalable backend architecture and facets of flexible API, which would allow us to add more features to SitePro seamlessly in the future.”

SitePro can easily integrate with any legacy systems currently in-use in the oil and gas industry and replace the need for outdated programmable logic controllers (PLC) to control and manage different operations out in the field. SitePro does this by utilizing the advanced control capabilities of state-of-the-art industrial personal computers (IPCs), this cutting-edge hardware allows SitePro to leverage remote access control technology and offers an interactive UI to enable users to manage machines and electronic assets—like cameras— across multiple site locations with no loss of data.

We designed the platform with scalable backend architecture and facets of flexible API, which would allow us to add more features to SitePro seamlessly in the future

Moreover, the company provides its customers round-the-clock assistance with a Remote Operations Control (ROC) service. “If our clients have any post-implementation queries or operational changes, our highly-trained oilfield automation professionals, in our command centers, can help solve the problem and monitor the sites for any future discrepancies,” expresses Phillips.

Today, with the help of SitePro’s product and service solutions, O&G companies have reduced their operational expenditures by almost 80 percent. Given these statistics, “we can safely say that we are spearheading the future of automation and data management in the industry,” comments Phillips. To further promulgate the successes of the company, Phillips recalls the case study of WaterBridge, a leading midstream water management enterprise. With the help of SitePro, the company is able to manage and act on the massive amounts of data they generate every day conveniently and from any internet enabled device. “In addition to our automation and control system running in the field, our ROC managed services played a large role in aiding WaterBridge by reducing operating costs significantly and allowed them to scale at a rate like never before,” informs Phillips.

Such success stories are a testimony to SitePro’s flexibility and ability to proactively address any potential setbacks for our customers. At the same time, SitePro also holds the belief that direct interaction with their customers is vital to understanding developing market trends and stay prepared to tackle any and all future challenge. “We are passionate and understand the value of data. Our mission is to create a long-standing impact for our Oil and Gas customers through SitePro,” concludes Phillips.

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SitePro Releases iOS App to Manage Oil and Gas Facilities

Have the power in hand to manage facilities from anywhere using the SitePro mobile app.

FREMONT, CA: SitePro is one of the leading digital oilfield and fluid management companies that specializes in offering automated solutions for both upstream and midstream oil and energy industries throughout the United States. The company addresses the needs of the energy industry, and is run by a team that understands the oilfield thoroughly and the need to reduce cost while increasing efficiency and production. SitePro kicks off 2020 with exciting news, announcing the release of SitePro Mobile for iOS. A mobile app will allow companies to integrate technology into their operations. In the palm of one’s hand, the users have the power to manage facilities in new ways from anywhere they have a network connection.
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Lubbock, TX

Aaron Phillips, President & Co-CEO

SitePro is a digital oilfield and fluidmanagement company focused on delivering automation and electronic ticketing workflow solutions. Since launchingtheir “software as a service” in 2012, SitePro was built for the energy industry by a team who understands the oilfield and the need to reduce costs while increasing efficiency and production. Today, SitePro has become one of the fastest growing automation solutions in the U.S. The SitePro staff consists of well-educated and highly knowledgeable oil and gas industry professionals from engineering, computer science, field service, and business backgrounds