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Anders Storm, CEO
Wireless devices have been in use from many years now; from the traditional remote used to control television back in the 1950s to the mobile devices that were introduced to the masses in the ‘90s. With the rampant changes in technology in the last few years, wireless technology has grown to become more sophisticated, efficient, and fast. Moreover, it does not stop there as the current trends of the market are already moving towards the next milestone in the wireless domain, with the commercial launch of 5G happening sooner than later. Set against this backdrop is Sivers IMA, a leading developer and manufacturer of millimeter wave products with more than 60 years of innovation experience. Today, they are already equipped to meet license free 5G using IEEE Wi-Fi standards, as well as they address the challenge that most of the companies are facing—to offer technology that works on the licensed 5G millimeter wave bands (24-28GHz).

A leading supplier of products for the data and telecommunications market, Sivers IMA specializes in developing, manufacturing, and selling cutting-edge chips, components, modules and subsystems based on their semiconductor technology in the microwave, millimeter wave(from 24 GHz up to 100GHz), as well as optical semiconductors for fiber applications. In the wireless domain, the company facilitates the unlicensed 5G, which works on the WiGig (802.11ad) standard, by offering RFIC (Radio Frequency Integrated Circuit) that supports wide bandwidth from 57 to 71 GHz which covers all six channels for unlicensed 5G, with a good flat response over the full bandwidth. Additionally, the chip (RFIC) they manufacture supports the highest output power on all six channels as well as supports for high modulation schemes, allowing high throughput and long reach. “Today, apart from our chip, no other product in the market commercially support all six channels for unlicensed 5G,” mentions Anders Storm, CEO at Sivers IMA.

Today, apart from our chip, no other product in the market commercially support all six channels for unlicensed 5G

In one such instance, Sivers IMA helped Cambridge Communication System (CCS) based out in Cambridge to develop a 5G-ready mesh network nodes. CCS was looking for a low-cost beam steering solution based on millimeter wave, which would allow them to deploy the 60GHz nodes in the different part of the city to enable the future-proof 5G network. With the assistance of Sivers IMA, the firm was able to develop 60 GHz self-organizing 5G microwave backhaul for small cell, 5G fixed wireless access (FWA), CCTV and fiber extension application called Metnet. Metnet is already optimized to meet the present performance requirement as well as can handle the capacity requirement that will arrive in the next coming years.

Last year, the company’s paper on WiGig (802.11ad) was selected the winning paper among the industry contributions at the IEEE Symposium in Philadelphia, for data and telecom infrastructure applications. They also got listed on NASDAQ First North stock exchange, the same year. With offices in Sweden and UK, the company is focused on catering to the quickest growing markets like U.S., Japan, and South Korea, which is at the early stage of 5G and unlicensed 5G deployment. “We are working a lot with our partner in Japan called Fujikura, which has some exciting technology around this. Therefore, Japan is an important market for us in the future specifically with the Olympic 2020, where many 5G systems will be in place,” concludes Anders.

Sivers IMA

Stockholm, Sweden

Anders Storm, CEO

Specializes in development, manufacturing, and selling of cutting-edge chips using millimeter wave for products within unlicensed and licensed 5G

Sivers IMA