Six Dimensions: Bridging the Gap between Marketing and IT

CIO VendorTejung Kang, CEO
Delivering high performance solutions to fast track the intricacies involved and thus manage better decisions to reduce costs and increase efficiency has been the order of the day especially for those involved in managed services. Named as one of the fastest growing companies in the US by Inc 5000 and ranked 73 among the major IT services firms; Six dimensions has lived up to its name in envisioning the needs to better manage and deliver services at a higher strategic level. Founded in the year 2004 by Tejune Kang, CEO and Chairman, the firm specializes in Web and Mobile development and offers expert services including digital and content management solutions.

Building the Holistic Solutions

Six Dimension’s services have been very subjective for the fact that it targets the potential customer side of a platform with performing analysis to study their marketing strategy and its reliability. The information thus obtained is used by the company to build the holistic solution that serves to meet the expectations. These solutions are underlying the foundation of a bridge that is conjoiningthe marketing domain, led by CMOs with IT domain, led by CIOs.

Social Media such as Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook are revolutionizing the dynamics of marketing. At Six Dimensions, consultants have acknowledged this fact and hence centralized their
services around social to deliver mobile web development. To further empower the client’s business and information infrastructure, the firm provides, analytics in Hadoop and MongoDB for Big Data, and Cyber security for penetration tests, white hat security scans, and black hat security scans.

Six Dimensions takes immense pride in its people which sets them apart from their competitors. “Our people are our main differentiating factor, who follows the saying, do what you say and say what you do. We are guiding them to drop their sales mentality and encouraging them to become more delivery focused,” explains Tejune.

The company, with its eminent services, has garnered various rewards and overwhelming responses from its customers, as they strived with a motto of aligning their success with the client’s success. Working with this notion in mind, the company has witnessed a tremendous growth over the years, and has formed a commendable clientele across the globe that includes Lexmark, Autodesk, Citrix, Boeing, Apple, Cisco, and McDonalds, to name a few. 6D has worked with international customers too such as with AVG in Czech Republic, STMicroelectronics based in Switzerland and Italy, and others in Canada and Europe as well.

Roadmap Ahead
For the imminent future, Six Dimensions plans to develop more comprehensive end-to-end solutions in confluence with marketing and technology aspects. The company also aims to keep leveling the analytics in e-commerce and its integration in various packages in coming years.

Six Dimensions

Tejung Kang, CEO

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