Six S Partners Process: The New Modus Operandi

John Preiditsch, Founder and President Emails were sent and compliments were exchanged. The headquarters of Six S Partners was abuzz with employees jubilating over their company being selected as the Global Partner of Year by Epicor—twice in a row. For a company to stay distinctive among a horde of partners on a global scale, year after year, it stands to reason that Six S Partners’ unique approach is hard to duplicate. “As a company, our strategy is focused on best practices, especially educating our customers in the best way to take advantage of Epicor software,” evinces John Preiditsch, Founder and President, Six S Partners. “Our differentiator? We partner with our customers at a deeper level and help them create their own best practices so that they are armed and braced in the highly competitive market place.” Six S Partners is a certified Epicor ERP reseller that provides support, implementation, and customization services around Epicor’s software stack. The teams encompass a broad spectrum of practice experts, including manufacturing, finance, and other operational functions and its consultation for the best part revolve around manufacturing environments.

“For a very long time, the manufacturing industry has been misled into thinking that it was all centered on technology,” Preiditsch says. In the prevalent scenario, most organizations prioritized on buying high-end machinery for the automation of shop floor production processes. In the middle of his three-decade ERP career, Preiditsch realized the inevitable truth that more than technology, it is about people and processes. Despite uncovering this missing piece of knowledge, acting on it is still a daunting task for enterprises as they attempt to usher the new era of “not just tools, but processes.” It is this inference—understanding the value of streamlining the front-office and operations at the same time—that efficaciously brings more customers to Six S Partners. “Balancing the three pillars of People, Process, and Technology is our mantra and here’s how we do it,” explains Preiditsch. “We help our customers’ ‘people’ with developing and nurturing sustainable and lean ’processes’ through the right ‘technology.’”

Modern-Day Manufacturing

Preiditsch elaborates, “The term manufacturing is often times constricted to a high-volume repetitive production, however, the adoption of alternate and more advanced engineered paradigms are on the rise now.” Modern-day shop-floors have a combination of repetitive, engineered-to-order, or Configure-to-Order (CTO) environments. In addition to this, most firms have field service, where they provide support for manufactured equipment.

We partner with our customers at a deeper level and help them create their own best practices

To that end, “Epicor ERP is one of the few products in the marketplace that can help the client through the complexities of the end-to-end value-chain from design, production, to service,” connotes Preiditsch. “The strength of our offering lies in the strength of Epicor and its ability to cater to a comprehensive scope of diverse manufacturing facilities.”

The manufacturing umbrella envelopes an interesting mix such as the production of healthcare devices, various electrical components, sporting equipments, metal fabricators, and equipment manufacturers, and it is up to each of these players to focus on the areas that are important to them. From cost-tracking to production scheduling, customer relationship management to human capital management, project management to financial management, the Epicor ERP software addresses every miniscule entity of the supply chain. “By leveraging the Epicor product, we wrap the flexible BPM functionalities around our customer’s business model and operations,” states Preiditsch. “It is the flexibility of the Epicor platform that allows full play for us to help manufacturers and this plays a crucial role in our success.”

Since the time Epicor enabled third-party resellers such as Six S Partners to uncover its hidden potentials, the ERP provider has adopted a narrow selection process in terms of partnership. “While most software providers allow you to sign up on a website to become a reseller, Epicor has stringent processes in place to ensure its chosen partners have the commitment to quality and customer service that they share,” affirms Preiditsch. Reciprocating the same, “On our part, every time I personally meet a client, I ensure that we get to the bottom of their business challenges as opposed to just selling them more software.”

Epicor: An Exemplar

It was during one such client briefing sessions that Preiditsch visited the sprawling manufacturing facility of Athletica Sport Systems, a Canadian firm that specializes in engineering, production, and installation hockey boards for the NHL and indoor sports arenas. With many point-solutions governing each segment of the ERP value chain such as transactions, order-fulfillment, and product engineering, Athletica was doing just fine with spreadsheets and other homegrown applications. However, the business scaled up. With the company becoming the official equipment supplier for the National Hockey League (NHL), universities, and private owners, Athletica’s legacy systems were threatening to give up on reliance, consistency, and sustainability.
It was Six S Partners’ proficiency in Epicor ERP and established leadership as a customer-centric value-added reseller that caught the attention of Athletica’s management. Well-versed in best practices for developing and executing tailor-stitched ERP implementations, Six S Partners equipped Athletica with tactical and strategic knowledge and tools to help drive the organization forward.

"We use Epicor ERP on all our projects to give us company-wide visibility of customer project and status"

For instance, when a customer approached Athletica to build a turnkey hockey rink, they have the ability to use the Epicor product configuration module which turns out a detailed quote very quickly. Developed in conjunction with Six S Partners to integrate the system with their Engineering and manufacturing requirements, the tool automatically pulled the material prices to estimate the right cost of the equipment. Within the first 16 months of implementing Epicor, Athletica reaped a substantial ROI amounting to $225,000. “The trick lies in looking at the end-to-end supply chain, from quote-to-cash to sales and marketing as one,” adds Preiditsch. A holistic framework of such high performance can be delivered only after customizing the ERP tool in a way that will allow customers to keep their staff engaged and efficient that ultimately drives ROI. “Through our industry-proven best practices and customization services, we help our clients achieve their number-one goal: transform their businesses into the business of the future.”

‘Systematic’ Transformation

Interestingly though, Preiditsch says that the best success story to illustrate Epicor ERP’s prowess is their own. “We use Epicor ERP on all our projects to give us company-wide visibility of customer project and status,”he adds. “It allows us to schedule and optimize the capacity of services and ensure we document cases and requirements as they come in and deliver strong customer service.” This enables Six S Partners’ teams who constantly work hand-in-glove with Epicor ERP to explore new-fangled techniques and unique features and bring them to the table that eventually enhances user experience.

Preiditsch has a steadfast belief in injecting the latest trends of best-practices that are in vogue in the technology universe. Process innovation and transformation is at the heart of what we provide our customers. “As we move into 2017, a big part of our business roadmap is earmarked for expanding and bringing our brand of service to the rest of the USA.,” comments Preiditsch. With grand plans in the bucket list to add more value to the Epicor stack, the company will no doubt give customers the much-needed edge and its hard-won wisdom, when it comes to prepping up for a bout of effortless business transformation. Aptly named Six S Partners, apropos to the five senses and the Sixth S—System—the company has become the go-to partner for solving enterprise supply chain problems and enhancing businesses through a “systematic approach.”

Six S Partners

Waterloo, Canada

John Preiditsch, Founder and President

Educating Epicor users on industry-proven best-practices and helping them enhance their manufacturing supply chain

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