Skalable Technologies: Delivering Your Scalable Off-the- Shelf ERP and CRM Implementations at a Rapi

Sunil Kumar Nelabhotla, Founder
Enterprise customers for long have been dealing with the complexity in deploying off-the-shelf systems without adhering to their specific requirements. Skalable Technologies under the leadership of Sunil Kumar Nelabhotla has exhibited its expertise and in-depth knowledge in handling ERP and CRM systems and is helping customers of all sizes implement these systems suiting their needs and preferences. Based in the heart of Silicon Valley, Skalable Technologies respects the uniqueness of each customer and shoulders the responsibility of deploying CRM and ERP systems off-the-shelf after a thorough understanding of a customer’s operations and needs thus resolving the difficulties involved in its implementation. Involving some of the industry best practices and time to market solutions, Skalable Technologies focuses on the very best ways of delivering and implementing ERP processes specializing in Microsoft Dynamics AX, Microsoft Dynamics GP and NetSuite. The firm’s strong affinity to deliver quality and at a faster rate has resulted as it works with some of the big players in the industry such as Fusion-io(recently bought by Sandisk)who have constantly restored faith in Skalable Technologies.Working with Fusion-IO over the past three years, the firm now manages their complete ERP processes. Having great expertise in SOX compliance and migrating companies to Stable ERP systems, Skalable Technologies has been the first choice for many of the public firms as their go to partner in setting up and supporting their ERP systems.
Application Managed Services

Provided affordable Managed Services to many of the mid market firms and especially to those involved in the public sector is no miniature task considering that Skalable has grown rapidly in the past 6 years. But Skalable Technologies has excelled at this through its proactive approach in monitoring systems by identifying potential challenges and mitigating those challenges. The firm has gained extreme faith from its clients through its unmatched skill and speed of delivery in managing their entire product life cycle thus aligning to their client’s business objectives.

Being adaptive to new technologies has been a significant feature at Skalable. This very much reflects in its team being up to date with majority of the products in the IT ecosystem helping companies drive their vision. The firm adopts a strategic approach involving a thorough investigation of the products and then after a deep analysis, evaluates as to how well they impact to the customers of the past and of the present from a business and technical stand point.

Prospecting good traction in the Biotechnology, Software, and in manufacturing sectors, Skalable Technologies looks forward to provide extensive and scalable solutions also in the Hi-tech, retail and in the services sectors. On account of the roadmap, in the words of Sunil, “From the product perspective we see the pain points and from a business perspective we see the gaps, this has enabled us to better understand the implications designed to meet the ERP and CRM requirements.”

Skalable Technologies

San Jose, CA

Sunil Kumar Nelabhotla, Founder

Skalable Technologies offers Consulting Services and Integration development in ERP and BI space