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Jake Dunlap, Founder and CEO
Modern sales technologies present sales organizations with the opportunity to target the right audience while boosting productivity, driving profitability, and producing higher-quality work on a consistent basis. However, sales leaders today are bogged down by the sheer number of tech tools at their disposal. The onus is upon them to select the best technology and enable their teams to exploit the full potential of those technologies. As sales tech tools evolve, businesses will need experts who truly understand how to adopt, implement, and optimize these tools. This is where Skaled Consulting steps in.

Skaled is an Austin-based sales consultancy focused on helping businesses accelerate growth and scale revenues, not by expanding their workforce, but by making the current staff better and more productive with optimized processes and technologies. Driven by a mission to change the way organizations sell and partner with customers, the company is committed to creating a lasting impact on clients that is measurable and meaningful.

“Sales leaders invest extensively in sales tech, but the teams that implement these tools often lack the experience to utilize them to their best advantage. This is exactly what we specialize in. We have completed more sales technology implementations and optimizations outside the Salesforce and HubSpot ecosystems than any other service provider,” says Jake Dunlap, Founder and CEO of Skaled. The Skaled team has its finger on the pulse of the sales tech industry, identifying and testing the latest and greatest technologies to recommend the best tech solutions to their clients.

Most often, clients that have already invested in advanced sales tech solutions find themselves barely scratching the surface. To help them get the best out of their robust tech stack and drive higher quality activity, Skaled assists them with optimization, finding the right mix of automated and human-enabled processes to support their sales teams, drive performance and refine the quality of their work.

In addition to optimization of existing technologies, Skaled facilitates the implementation of new technologies and puts together a best-in-class sales tech stack depending on the size of the organization.
Taking it a step further, Skaled not only equips clients with the strategy to implement and optimize their tech stack in the best possible way but also helps them with tactical execution.

Through a consultant network of experts with more than 250,000 combined hours of strategic and tactical sales leadership experience, Skaled has transformed more than 1000 companies. One among these companies had approached Skaled Consulting to streamline the various sales tech tools they leveraged. The client had invested in a series of technologies, including lead routing technologies, sales engagement technologies, predictive analytics, and targeting technologies, but lacked a cohesive strategy. The campaigns run by their sales and marketing teams lacked coordination. Skaled stepped in to reconfigure the predictive tool and feed the data in a way such that both the sales and marketing teams were interacting together in concert. Within the first 40 days, the client earned a profit of nearly $500,000.

We have completed more sales technology implementations and optimizations outside the Salesforce and HubSpot ecosystems than any other service provider

When serving its clients, the Skaled team leverages its deep industry knowledge and thorough audit process. Approaching sales tech as a logistics problem, the team focuses on the most suitable customer journey to create a sale and solve prevailing bottlenecks along the way. After a review of the customer journey, Skaled conducts a systems audit of the existing technologies, followed by a usage gap analysis to determine the technology they need and the best way to optimize their existing technologies to increase sales rep productivity by 20-30 percent.

Moving ahead, the company aims to continue serving its clients by finding the ideal sales tech to increase operational efficiency and drive ROI. Skaled has been transforming teams into best-in-class sales organizations and aims to do so in the years to come.

Skaled Consulting

Austin, TX

Jake Dunlap, Founder and CEO

Skaled is a top-rated management and sales consulting provider offering sales strategy, leadership, operations, and enablement services. They bring strategic and tactical talent to every engagement, driven by results and 250,000+ hours of sales leadership experience.

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