Skedulo: Your Field Service is Actually Mobile Work

Matt Fairhurst, CEO
As CIOs navigate the changes caused by increased mobility and new business models, they have been stuck with a limiting set of tools to solve major business challenges. Traditional field services technology is built for workflows centered around complex machinery and break-fix models. But most businesses don’t fit those models. Of the 105 million mobile workers in the U.S., less than 10 million are field service technicians. Mobile work encompasses any and all service or work delivered onsite where customers are. CIOs need a tool to empower mobile employees to deliver excellent service in every customer interaction. But traditional field service tools are simply not designed for this purpose.

“Traditional solutions to schedule and manage work outside the office lack the power and flexibility to fit the new ways people and businesses operate,” says Matt Fairhurst, CEO of Skedulo. “What we’re finding in the market is executives and technology buyers might try to fit a field service management solution into their tech stack and find that it is not right for their business, their use case, or their workforce. And that’s because their business is not traditional field service.”

Providing enhanced experiences, however, depends on a firm’s ability to deliver its best people at the right time, at the right place to serve the customer. Organizations require an intuitive solution for their mobile workforce to carry out jobs with ease. A solution that provides field workers a mobile solution that gives them access to comprehensive business data intuitively.

Set against this backdrop, Skedulo is transforming the field service industry with its mobile-based employee scheduling platform to simplify the process of engaging the right employee for a given job or shift. The company has adopted a modern approach with a touch of human experience geared toward the broader mobile workforce of today.

With dashboards delivering clear reports, the scheduling app improves the visibility of onsite job execution while taking less time to schedule a resource. Often, work is initiated from systems like ERP and CRM which is why interoperability with other systems has always been a priority for us. Skedulo’s seamless and powerful integration with clients’ CRM or other systems of record ensures services are delivered in a consistent manner. Skedulo provides clients the ability to integrate with other existing platforms like Salesforce and ServiceNow.

We want our client’s employees to open our app with the same level of excitement as they would open apps like Instagram and Twitter

Skedulo employs a consultative approach where they understand clients’ business settings and their unique workflows. With this information, Skedulo identifies ways to optimize scheduling and work in the field. By deploying a dedicated customer success team to improve user adoption, training, and integration of their mobile solution with clients’ existing business systems, Skedulo provides an excellent post-sales service. “The design and usability of our solution ensure all of the business information is seamlessly available to the field worker in a single user interface,” says Matt Fairhurst, CEO of Skedulo. Based on field workers’ availability and their capabilities, Skedulo enables clients to easily schedule new jobs, communicate with mobile workers in real time and dispatch the right person to the required location on time. “We want our clients’ employees to open our app with the same level of excitement as they would open apps like Instagram and Twitter,” says Matt Fairhurst, CEO of Skedulo.

A testimony to Skedulo’s stellar product is American Red Cross. The company worked with the for-profit segment of American Red Cross responsible for scheduling and dispatching cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) trainers to both corporate and community audiences. Skedulo helped them navigate through a complex scheduling operation in less than three months to address an audience of 1,000 people.

Skedulo is investing heavily in core competencies of its mobile workforce management solution in the form of scheduling and dispatching assignments. “We are focusing on reducing the complexity around them in the back office in an automated or a visual way,” says Fairhurst. The company is also aiming to help clients better manage their workers in the field by bringing HR capabilities into the app. They intend to provide a robust communication and collaboration functionality to enhance the communication between the field workers and office employees.


San Francisco, CA

Matt Fairhurst, CEO

Skedulo helps enterprises intelligently manage, schedule, dispatch, and track resources in the field, whether they are full-time, part-time, or contract employees