Skillsoft: Re-imagining Learning with Innovative IT Solutions

John Ambrose, Senior VP, Strategy & Corporate Development
Re-imagining learning in an innovative way is something that helped Skillsoft, a Nashua, NH, based company to become a pioneer in providing learning solutions to education as well as corporate companies. “Our innovative learning platform helps provide training to both the faculty and staff, anytime, anywhere,” says John Ambrose, Senior VP, Strategy and Corporate Development, Skillsoft. Many of the company’s academic customers use e-learning to even complement and supplement what their students learn in the classroom. “We can help you to develop all the learners in an affordable manner,” he adds.

Skillsoft leverages products and services like e-learning, On-demand Courseware, Learning Solutions, Content Development, Online Books and Videos to support various needs of their clients. The company’s cloud- based Learning Management System, Skillport, delivers highly targeted learning in a variety of localized languages, when and where the users need it. This solution easily connects with client’s existing IT infrastructure and offers them learning modalities which can be scaled according to their individual requirements and business goals. “Our specialized e-learning courses are developed by the leading learning experts of the industry to make learning a continuous part of our client’s job. This increases employee engagement along with productivity and high retention rates,” claims Ambrose. The company also develops rich academic and professional development programs that support a variety of learning styles to prepare higher education institutions and libraries for success. “Our customer support teams draw on a wealth of in-house experience, flexible delivery platforms and a comprehensive learning e-library to develop off-the-shelf and custom e-learning programs tailored cost-effectively to meet our customer needs,” explains Ambrose.

The comprehensive e-learning portfolio, client-facing experts and quality services make Skillsoft a favorite to its customers. With global reach and proven track record for business impact and quick ROI, the company sees tractions across major industry verticals in addition to higher education and government sectors. “We improve the performance of organizations by improving the performance of their people,” remarks Ambrose.

Our specialized e-learning courses make learning a continuous part of our client's job that increases employee engagement along with productivity and retention rates

“Serving over 6,000 customers and more than 19,000,000 learners around the world, we give continuing, hands-on support to assist them in maximizing their ongoing success,” he adds.

Skillsoft has tied major names into its clientele including CSC, Visa, Symantec, TELUS, Sprint, U.S. Army, University of North Carolina Wilmington, University of Florida, and U.S. Air Force IT e-learning. One of their clients, Cbeyond was facing challenges to fill the knowledge and skill gaps of its employees on using Cisco technology. Cbeyond needed to improve the Cisco CCNA technical acumen and certification base of its employees for which it partnered with Skillsoft to create a 12-week comprehensive training program for selected employees, so that training reached the right people in right job roles. Through Skillsoft’s Live Learning program, Cbeyond was able to measure the application knowledge of its employees throughout the certification process, and also identify employees who could serve as internal SME’s and peer-to-peer trainers. The company noted that the employees who completed the training program were more confident in their job and support the needs of Cbeyond’s customers. As a result of this formalized training program, there was a noted decrease in the company’s employee turnover and increase in the employee satisfaction.

Skillsoft invests over $50M annually in R&D to deliver the broadest array of technology-enabled learning products, platforms and services for technology and business professionals. “We will continue to enhance our broad suite of offerings with new content, while covering the latest in business and technology topics,” concludes Ambrose.


Nashua, NH

John Ambrose, Senior VP, Strategy & Corporate Development

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