Skuid: Prioritizing Human-Centric Low-Code Applications

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Ryan Niemann, CEO
The future of software is Low-code/No-code (LCNC) programming. International Data Corporation (IDC) has predicted more than 500 million applications will be developed by the end of next year.

With a shortage of qualified developers to meet this demand, businesses are increasingly embracing LCNC app development platforms. But the main problem associated with most LCNC platforms is that they have a functionality-first approach to optimizing IT processes, and do not give equal prioritization to user interface (UI) or user experience (UX). This is where leading-edge software development firm, Skuid (which literally stands for Scalable Kit for User Interface Design) is bringing a world of difference to the LCNC software development landscape.

“Our focus is to bring human-centered design to help businesses create customized applications that are more connected to their brand. So, apps built on Skuid deliver function as well as user experience,” says Ryan Niemann, CEO of Skuid.

Skuid started as a Salesforce partner, offering organizations a UI/UX toolkit for Salesforce to build apps faster with less code. Over the years, the company partnered with more enterprise software solution providers; SAP, Microsoft, and Oracle. Today, Skuid can help businesses develop applications by tapping into these diverse back-end enterprise systems, without having to build an application from scratch. But, if at all a business need to start from nothing, the Skuid analytics platform can also create an application’s back-end database first and then build a full-stack solution.

To double down on its efforts, Skuid has recently acquired, InFlight, a company with domain expertise in human capital management. As Skuid focuses on human-centered operations, this acquisition adds an extensive repertoire of products, processes, and subject matter for Skuid. InFlight has an impressive library of data integrations and templates used for systems like Oracle PeopleSoft, Taleo, Workday, and SAP SuccessFactors. This extensive library of pre-built UI templates can greatly help Skuid’s clients get the power of a legacy system and the ability of a modern user experience.
Skuid’s low-code application platform is equally competent to build an engaging consumer-grade portal. Underpinning this proficiency is the platform’s visual tool, Design System Studio, which lets users create and manage design systems that cascade across multiple pages and apps without jumping to a single line of custom code. The library of components in Design System Studio facilitates the building of beautiful, functional portals for internal and external users who need to interact with the business’s data. Moreover, Design System Studio makes every portal or app within an organization look consistent and tailored to its users.

Substantiating the platform’s capabilities is a case study where Skuid assisted AMD—a California-based semiconductor company—to improve its sales forecasting. AMD was already a Salesforce user, but it took a significant amount of time to use the standardized tools to create forecasting reports. Most of their time was lost in multiple clicks and page swaps. Skuid helped the client reduce those struggles by almost 75 percent with their human-centered design thinking. So AMD’s employees could save 2-3 hours a week. Using the app, the user could also clone a previous quarter’s forecast as a starting point for the next quarter, scaling it up or down as needed. This is a perfect example of how businesses can improve their employee experience by helping them interact with enterprise systems much more easily.

Our focus is to bring human-centered design to help businesses create customized applications that are more connected to their brand. So, apps built on Skuid deliver function as well as user experience

Driven by these successes, more and more operational leaders are seeing the relevance of such human-centered LCNCs today to drive high-performance impact. And Skuid is perfectly positioned to turn their aspirations into reality.


Chattanooga, TN

Ryan Niemann, CEO

Skuid combines human-centered design and Low-code to help businesses create customized, delightful applications that are more connected to their brand.