Sky Software: Cloud Based Student Management System

The advent of computers and broadband has been transforming the education industry to mitigate day to day operations and management challenges in their offerings globally. Information and Communication Technology (ICT), along with cloud computing, has enabled easy access to education content on digital platforms. “At Sky Software, we leverage these technological advancements to assist education institutions understand the capabilities they need to address their daily operational, compliance, and business needs,” says Nick Stanley, CEO, Sky Software. The Victoria-based company provides cloud based student management system for education institutions around the world, helping them to improve and grow their education operations with a unique administration approach. Being an innovator in the field of education technology, Sky Software also delivers solutions that help institutions in staying relevant to varying compliance frameworks. Stanley refers to the entire offering as a scrum approach, where different departments—whether ICT experts or support teams—combine to bridge the gap between technological interface and education.

Education institutions continuously need to provide and update their study modules, schedules, assignments for students, irrespective of the location and time. In such a scenario, the company’s flagship product, Sky Campus combines the important aspects of student administration for education providers and allows them to manage the specific attributes required for higher education, short-term courses, vocational training, and English language—all at a single place. “Sky Campus processes student records using integrated self-service portals that are entirely student-centric,” says Stanley.

Sky Campus processes student records using integrated self-service portals that are entirely student-centric

Institutions are constantly on the lookout for solutions that can ease their content delivery for its current and probable students, as well as for their alumni. “For this, we integrate websites, mobile devices, and other applications with our student management system through a sophisticated Application Programming Interface (API),” explains Stanley.
Nick Stanley, CEO
Adding to the capabilities, Sky Campus is an eminent marketing and learning management solution in a webbased environment that can be deployed onsite or hosted on cloud. It is created with a very user-friendly and customizable interface, where users can edit fields or labels as well as create their own procedure manual through configurator and tool tips respectively. “We operate under a very sequential and easy-to-use project delivery process that ultimately makes our solutions affordable,” Stanley adds.

Aiming to deliver its solution across the world, Sky Software is currently undergoing a rebranding process to attain a global outlook. The firm will be known as Tribal Campus, a member company of Tribal Group that provides product and services to education and learning institutions worldwide.

Irrespective of size and demographical constraints, Sky Software has been imparting solutions to education institutions across the world. They recently helped one of their clients facing stiff competition due to a very limited digital presence. The firm is deploying Sky Campus in around 100 teaching centers, across 59 countries, ultimately enabling the client to handle the records of over 300,000 students annually. Stanley notes, “We are constantly focused on enhancing userexperience and integrating technologies that allow rapid deployment, scalability, and interoperability.”

Continuing to expand its solution worldwide, the firm has expansion plans involving North and South America and Africa in the next few years. Striving on reducing cost and facilitating faster deployment and data migration, the team at Sky Software aims to enhance reach and operational efficacy of education providers at a global level.

Sky Software

Victoria, Australia

Nick Stanley, CEO

Provider of cloud-based student management and online accounting solutions.